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Things To Consider When Setting Up Your Company’s IT Infrastructure

In this digital age, every company needs to have an online presence. A company that is not maximizing the benefits that technology offers businesses is undoubtedly losing out a great deal.

If you are starting your business, you may want to know what it takes to properly set up your IT infrastructure. Here is a breakdown of what you will need and how to go about the process.

Get the Hardware and Software

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The first thing you need to buy is hardware for your company. This includes computers, keyboards, wires, routers, servers and server equipment.

To ensure that you get everything you need, make a detailed list of the hardware you want to purchase. Be sure to include everything your employees will need in the right quantities. 

Then you have to purchase the software. Although you can buy the software that each person in the organization will require, it is cheaper to get SaaS services. That way, all you need is to pay a subscription fee, and people can start working.

You will first need to install Operating Systems on the computers and get the programs that specific employees need to do their work. This includes such software as word processing, spreadsheet and data management programs.

You may also need CRM and project management software to make it easier for you to run the organization.

Invest in Storage and Security

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Once you have the hardware and software components set up, you need to focus on meeting your storage and security needs.

You can opt to create backups for your important information on physical devices like hard disks. However, in today’s world, the best storage solution for organizations is the cloud. Not only is it incredibly convenient, but you also get a lot more storage space and don’t have to worry about misplacing a memory card or hard disk.

That being said, however, you need to protect your company against the likelihood of your cloud provider exiting the market and leaving your website and company in chaos. This is where cloud escrow services come in handy.

With a cloud escrow agreement, you can rest easy knowing that your website, application and the information you store in the cloud are always protected, no matter what.

Network Performance

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The final thing you need to do is choose your network. You can opt for a wired, wireless or even hybrid system.

A wired network has the best performance of the three options, but it is also relatively cumbersome to operate. You need space for storing the servers and need to deal with numerous wires.

The wireless option is a tad more convenient because you don’t need as much storage space. On the flip side, performance is limited, and your network is more susceptible to interference.

The best option for excellent network performance with minimal inconvenience is a hybrid network. This allows you to maximize the strengths of each option while minimizing its disadvantages.


The IT department is critical to any organization. You, therefore, ought to put a lot of thought and effort into setting up this crucial part of your organization.

Be sure to choose quality hardware and software for your company, and secure your information in reliable storage options like the cloud. This will go a long way in setting your company up for success.

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