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Cool Tech Driving The Construction Industry Forward

We often think of the construction industry as just machinery and crews creating all of the fabulous buildings or tearing down ones that are dilapidated. But what many people don’t know is that there is lots of incredible technology that is making the construction industry set for growth over the next few years. 

We know that technology helps to engage customers, makes processes smoother, reduces costs, and speeds up the time the projects take. So what is the cool tech that is changing the construction industry? 

Smart Infrastructure 

Creating The Ultimate Smart Home

One of the safety issues on a site is the different stabilities of some of the structures on the site. Typically these have to be eyeballed and guessed based on the information available about the material used and the site itself. 

There are now technologies that offer structural monitoring that can predict the stability of a structure and any structural issues before they happen. 

The technology can be used for mines, rockfalls, and many other surfaces – offering a safer working environment for crews. 

VR and AR

What’s the Difference Between AR and VR?

Augmented reality and virtual reality are allowing construction companies to show ‘finished’ projects to stakeholders and investors as well as have a run-through of the building site ahead of placing any machinery on there. 

Where once there would be whole crews and the project leaders arriving to inspect the site, ahead of moving in the heavy lift crane and bulldozers, a structure walk-through can be done from the office. 

It also means that there is a more real-time visual of the progress that has been made, as well as a range of simulations. 

Artificial Intelligence 

One of the biggest advancements in the construction industry is the implementation of AI. A high cost that most construction projects will face is delays and extensions to the project. For every day that they are extended, millions can be added to the total cost. 

With AI, thousands of simulations can be done to work out the most cost-effective and efficient way to complete a project. 


We Try a New Exoskeleton for Construction Workers

There is only so much weight the average person can lift, but the exoskeleton gives the crew strength beyond the norm. Back support, whole-body suits, arm, and shoulder support, or power gloves can all be used to improve how crew members can do their job. 

Two types of the exoskeleton are in use and that is electrical and mechanical – one can enhance strength, and the other redistributes the weight to reduce strains. 


Using humanoid robots and other automated machines, there is less pressure put on the human crew. They can work longer hours, lift more, move more, and have a computer system to give real-time updates. 

While it is unlikely that robots will replace humans on the construction site, they are and will improve processes and shorten how long projects will take. 

The construction industry is exciting and fast-moving, and technology is driving it forward and allowing construction companies to achieve more, better, and faster without a reduction in quality. 

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