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3 UI Tips for Improving the Usability of Your Design

A highly usable website is one that doesn’t get in the user’s way of achieving their goal. It functions easily and naturally, without presenting any confusion or distractions. While this


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How to Leverage Microsites To Promote Your Work

If there’s one thing that’s clear about today’s customer it’s that they enjoy actively engaging with and even helping to create the marketing they consume, not passively lapping it up.


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3 Tips For Improving Your Design Process

While each website offers room for its own unique style and layout with your added dose of creativity, web designers are employed by a repetitive style of work – as


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Tips For Speeding Up Your WordPress Site

Site speed is an increasingly important consideration for web designers. While it’s well known among marketers and SEO experts, site speed has often been overlooked in the world of design.


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Why The Cloud Is So Essential For Small Businesses

Cloud computing stock photo by Shutterstock You may have noticed something in the past several years — a certain word overtaking the business blog-o-sphere. It’s called The Cloud, and it’s


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Beautiful Uses of Texture In Web Design

Sometimes web design suffers from its inherently digital feel; it can be difficult to inject a sense of tactile, dimensional surfaces into a design that was entirely created by taps


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How To Make Sure That Your Designs Are Functional

Internet users want one thing in a website: functionality. After all, websites aren’t just for looking at; they are meant to serve a purpose. Most people will gladly use a


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Finding Your Niche: A Guide To Running A Successful Blog

The idea of business blogging is not revolutionary—many businesses have active blogs. Unfortunately, not many business blog with purpose. Having a business blog is not like having a personal blog;