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You May Be A Great Leader, But How Can You Pass That Onto Your Staff?

One great leader in a company filled with departments and managers simply isn’t enough. It’s easy for a business owner to rest on their laurels once they have proven themselves,


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Making The Complex Simple

If you own a business and things are always simple for you, then there’s going to be a lot of people that feel a lot of jealousy towards you. It’s


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How To Get Better At Solving Difficult Business Problems

As an entrepreneur, you face a wide variety of challenges each and every day in business. Although some may have simple solutions, others can be tough to resolve. Unfortunately, these



Overcoming Challenges As An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur requires you to fill many different roles, and make dozens of critical decisions. With proper planning, you can overcome many of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Consider


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The Hurricane Relief Efforts We Don’t Think About

The United States is in the midst of its most dramatic and terrible hurricane season in many, many years. While a terrible storm seems to come along at least once


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Make More Money By Solving Problems Instead of Selling Your Service

Designers don’t sell cleverly crafted logos, eye-catching advertisements, or adorable animated characters. No one places an order for a professional book cover design on a whim. And, even the cleverest


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Mind Thoughts: Cloud Solutions And Backup For Designers And Web Experts

For web professionals and graphic designers, a dependable data backup system is paramount, and the cloud is the latest solution for storing and backing data. Traditionally, online backup software and


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90+ Epic Industrial Design

Like any design geeks, we love products. Not too long ago Steve Jobs & Apple made lots of people appreciate industrial design for the first time with their stunning attention