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Ransomware is Paving the Way for a Cybercrime Industry Overhaul

The single goal defining the illicit careers of most cybercriminals is simple: money. Cybercrime is a cut-throat industry, displaying a single-track focus on ROI and financial gain. This defining trait


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Five Business Pitfalls to Avoid in Your First Year Trading

Getting a business off the ground and turning a profit is difficult, and that first year of trading can be fraught with challenges. Make sure you’re avoiding the pitfalls below


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What Should You Do When You Get Mysterious Phone Calls?

We’ve all been there. The cellphone or landline phone rings, and we pick up the phone, but the voice on the other end isn’t familiar. It’s someone claiming to be


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Spy Cameras – Laws and Benefits Regarding the Usage of Spy Cams

Technology has a double face. Where innovation and upgradation can provide you remarkable benefits, it can also be a reason for some trouble. The majority of you derive its benefits,


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What the WannaCry Attack Means for IoT Security

Ransomware has been in the news for a few years now, with everyone from individuals to large businesses suddenly discovering that their files have been encrypted — and they need



Hold On To Your Money! Online Identity Theft Can Be Prevented, Here’s How!

Signs of Online Identity Theft Seven signs you’re a victim of identity theft Say you’re a victim of online identity theft. The hacker now has your name, address, email, possibly


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2 High Profile Security Breaches and How to Stay Protected

With cyberattacks on the rise — many of which are aimed at high-profile individuals and companies — it’s safe to say that no one is safe from the cyber warfare