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11 Tips For Making Freelance Life More Straightforward

There’s much to love about being a freelancer. You’re able to pick the projects you want to work on, and in many cases, you’re able to charge more than you


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Best Portfolio Website Builders of 2018: Choose Yours to Display Your Work the Way It Deserves

If you are an artist, you probably don’t know much about website building. After all, learning about coding is not what you do every day. Spending hours in front of


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Getting Noticed: Help Your Creative Career Take Off

Ask any creative professional, and I bet they have a story about how much of a struggle their career was in the beginning. When you are just starting out as


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Breaking Down the Essential Apps, Plug-Ins and Platforms for Modern Web Designers

Modern web designers have plenty on their plates when it comes to finding work, keeping their clients happy and make a name for themselves in their industry. Given the fierce



From Zero to Hero: 8 Steps to Becoming a Freelancer

Freelancing has become an extremely popular method of securing an income. Not only does it allow you to work whatever hours you like, but you can be flexible with the


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Learn to Impress Clients with Your Portfolio

There are plenty of tips out there on how to compile a great portfolio, so much that people tend to get confused with them. However, it can all be made


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How To Build A Successful & Effective Online Web Portfolio

The majority of the people, interested in launching an online presence, don’t have the same acknowledgement in web design and network applications as the ones involved in – and working