Eight Ways to Improve Your Business’s Twitter Presence Today

Twitter is a platform that no business can afford to ignore. If your business hasn’t yet got a Twitter presence at all, that’s something that you need to change. But even if your business is using the social media site, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are using it correctly. Unfortunately, many business owners and business accounts on Twitter get things badly wrong.

If you want your business to be the best and reach out to people in order to sell more, as I assume you do, there are some things you need to change. Below, you will find details of the best ways in which you can improve your business’s Twitter presence. Each of the pieces of advice will help you to make your profile more appealing to other users, and some will increase your chances of making sales. So, read on now.

Be Clear About Which Topics You’ll Tweet About

First of all, you should give some thought to the kinds of topics you are going to tweet about on your account. Every business is different, so this is something that only you can decide and finalise. There are no easy answers, but try to keep things as focused as they possibly can be. If you can do that, you should be able to ensure that you never stray too far away from your key message. That’s what’s most important because you want people to keep coming back and be engaged by what you are saying. It’s best to be prepared, so be clear about what you will tweet about.

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Gain More Followers Quickly

Next, you will need to consider your followers and how many of them you have. If you don’t have enough followers, your account will be talking to no one. The more followers your account has, the more people you will be able to get your message across to. There are many ways of getting more followers. You could create shareable content in order to get retweets that lead to more followers. You might even want to buy some followers. This helps because people tend to follow accounts that have lots of followers. There are lots of sites that sell Twitter followers, so explore the options.

Interact with Followers

When you have followers or enough to be satisfied with, you will need to remember to interact with them. If you don’t talk to the people who are following your account, you risk losing them as followers. People want to feel like the lines of communication are open. If you don’t fully understand the importance of communicating with followers on Twitter, you don’t fully understand what the platform is all about. Talk to people, answer questions, ask questions and even run competitions and polls. There are endless ways of interacting with people on social media.

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Don’t Be Too Robotic

This is something that many businesses do when they take to Twitter. Instead of being natural and relaxed, they pump out miniature adverts all day long. No one wants that, so don’t do it. It comes across as robotic and a little spammy. Those are two things that you really don’t want your business to be seen as. Instead of creating tweet-sized press releases, you should aim for naturalism and normality. This is what most of your followers will respond to. It’s all about showing the world the human face of your business, so give it a try. It doesn’t have to be difficult.

Keep Your Profile Picture Updated and Relevant

The profile picture you choose for your business’s Twitter profile is very important. This will often be the very first thing that people look at when they see your profile or a tweet of yours. People will want to see something that is recognisably yours. That’s why many business accounts take the simple option and choose to use the company logo as their profile picture. This is a sure bet, and it’s probably the best option for you too. If your logo changes, make sure your profile picture changes too. You don’t want your account to see irrelevant or out of date.

Cram as Much Snappy Information as Possible Into Your Bio

Writing your profile’s Twitter bio can be pretty difficult. What do you put in there? And how can you possibly fit everything you want to in that space when it’s so small? It’s not easy, but it can be done if you are willing to get creative. Before you publish your bio, take a few test runs and see what you can do. That way, you will be able to experiment and try different options out before you make your final decisions. Find ways to shorten what you want to get across without sacrificing your message or leaving important things out.

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Link Back to Where You Want Customers to Go

When you post on Twitter, you should remember to link back to your website. For most companies, this is where they want customers to head to. They might have an online store they want customers to visit. Or it might be a case of linking them to a page where they can find out more about a particular product or the company in general. Don’t forget to do this because it’s one of the most important things of all. Including links also helps customers. If you mention something, they will want to find out more about it, and they will only do that if they have a link that’s easy to access.

Make Use of Photos and Videos

Finally, you need to remember to make good use of photos and videos. Studies on social media usage have shown that tweets that include images and videos are far more likely to be interacted with than those that don’t. So, you need to take advantage of this. You might want to take photos and create videos of what goes on inside your business. Have fun with it and create things that people will be able to interact with and find interesting.

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