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Common Habits Of Serial Career Killers

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Everyone knows a person who can’t keep a job. They are the ones who have a range of excuses when someone asks the difficult question. But, they keep on getting hired and fired regardless of their previous employment history. When you think of these people, it’s easy to say “I don’t have anything to do with them.” After all, you are a solid employee who is rising through the ranks. The thing is a career can come crashing down in one foul swoop. So, it’s best to understand the warning signs to avoid them in the future.

Here, then, are the common traits of serial career killers.

Being Unrecognizable

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Have you ever been in the office and had an awkward moment with the boss? The one where he or she doesn’t know your name? Not only is it embarrassing but it’s a terrible sign. The fact that you are an unknown means your work is going under the radar. It doesn’t matter how good it is because the management has no clue it exists.

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A lack of assertiveness at work is a feature which allows others and the hierarchy to dismiss you out of hand. Regarding a promotion, there is no way to get one without being aggressive and confident.

Twitter Fingers

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The rapper/R&B artist, Drake, immortalized this line in a diss song two years ago. He may be an urban performer but the concept applies to industries around the world. “Twitter fingers” is a phrase which implies people are too busy ranting on social media than putting in the work. Sadly, tweets are in the public domain and available to bosses.

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If one sees a defamatory social media post, it’s a cause for instant termination. Always keep your twitter fingers to yourself and never drink and tweet.

Unauthorized Time Off

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Everyone needs a break to recharge the batteries and maintain focus. However, the company has to authorize the time off unless it’s a medical emergency or an unforeseen circumstance. Sorry, but not attending work every Monday because of a hangover doesn’t apply.

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If you can’t prove you are sick, the business has every right to issue verbal and written warnings. Also, they can dock pay. As a rule, don’t let a great Sunday night out turn into a nightmare Monday morning. Or, get a doctor to write a sick note if you are genuinely ill.

A Bad Attitude

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The corporate world isn’t one which is comfortable and accommodating. At times, it will be stressful and people will yell and point the finger. There are scenarios in which this can turn into bullying, but, for the most part, it’s constructive criticism. The way a person reacts is crucial because bosses want to see employees try and learn and grow. Anyone with a bad attitude will do neither, and it will stunt their opportunities. The company may not be able to fire you, but it can make life difficult. If you do get fired you can always bounce back, but it can come as a shock and you may not be prepared. Stress after losing a job can be high and make it even harder for you to find another position. If you find yourself in that situation and are low on cash you can always try to get enough money to help you through tough times from one of the many companies that offer loans for unemployed. A positive attitude in a hopeless situation can go a long way!

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Do you want to climb the corporate ladder? Are you desperate for a promotion? If you are, make sure you keep this advice in mind.

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