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How to Market Your Next Mega Post

The field of content marketing is constantly changing and evolving to include new strategies and marketing ideas. However, certain strategies have remained popular over the years, such as the ‘mega-post’ trend which has proven to be very effective for companies.

Simply put, a mega post is a well-researched, educational and informative piece which is placed on the website for the purpose of SEO and customer engagement. This is a type of long-form content which contains extensive illustrations and is written under specific conditions, such as when you have something new and meaningful to say.

In today’s world, companies churn out new content 6 days a week, mega-posts stand out because they are based on careful research and written with care. Hence, mega-posts tend to receive more attention and respect, create social engagement, drive traffic to your webpage and generate inbound links. This is primarily because in a sea of content starting from ‘5 best tips,’ ‘7 easy ways,’ and ‘top 10 benefits,’ mega posts are an original piece – something which itself is newsworthy in the online world. Folks want to read, quote and share mega-posts, which is why they can form the very basis of your content marketing ideas and strategies.

Here are some additional tips that you can follow:

  • Use eye-catching headlines. Your headline is the first thing people will see, so make sure it’s attention-grabbing.
  • Write engaging introductions. Your introduction should hook readers and make them want to read more.
  • Use images and videos. Images and videos can help break up your text and make your posts more visually appealing.
  • Ask questions. Asking questions can encourage readers to comment and share your posts.
  • Use social media. Share your posts on social media to reach a wider audience.
  • Guest post on other blogs. Guest posting on other blogs can help you get exposure to a new audience.
  • Run contests and giveaways. Contests and giveaways can help you generate excitement around your blog and attract new readers.
  • Attend industry events. Attending industry events is a great way to network with other bloggers and promote your blog.
  • Be patient. It takes time to build a successful blog. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately. Just keep writing great content, promoting your blog, and using SEO, and you’ll eventually start to see more traffic.

However, the problem arises when you have a mega-post ready for readers, but cannot market it properly.

Read on for a few tips on how to market your mega-post for increased exposure and customer engagement.

Content Promotion Tools

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Even quality content such as mega-posts requires good promotion or effective content marketing ideas, such as influencer marketing. There are many content promotion tools which can be used, such as social media tools, social media platforms/networks, advocacy and distribution tools, and paid content promotion tools. These can include ads on search engine pages and online banner ads.

However, while these tools can be particularly useful, they lack a human element which can be crucial for reaching a wider audience and creating trust for your brand. This brings us to our second tip, which is based on making use of influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing can be one of the most crucial aspects of marketing your mega post. This is a form of marketing which places emphasis on specific individuals as opposed to targeting the entire market. Commonly referred to as a ‘grey area’ between official promotion/testimonial and subtle product mention, influencer marketing can significantly boost your readership and the number of visitors to your website.

Influencer marketing is part of an effective content marketing strategy, primarily because we tend to put our trust in people we know or are familiar with such as industry experts and celebrities, as opposed to organizations. In today’s world of information overload, readers place stock in people who they perceive to be credible and authentic. However, it is important to select the right influencer according to your mega-post and target audience. For example, a market influencer such as a popular celebrity can significantly boost the readership of your mega-post if the content is related to the movie industry. Likewise, a mega-post which relates to the academic industry can considerably benefit from a market influencer from the academic field.

Write a Catchy Headline

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This tip is fairly obvious – the more catchy and unique your headline is, the more readers it is likely to attract. As far as content marketing ideas go, this is the best one to ensure that your mega-post is attracting the attention of visitors. You can follow certain rules to ensure that your headline is catchy:

  • Ensure that it is not lengthy – often, people have short attention spans and if your headline is too long it gives the impression that your content will also be equally long or boring.
  • Concentrate on your ‘wordplay’ – this is a humorous play of words for artistic effect and is guaranteed to capture the reader’s attention.
  • Use questions – this leaves the reader wanting to open your article for the answer.

Regardless of your content, giving catchy headlines should top your list of marketing ideas.

Recognise the Importance of Backlinks

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Mega-posts are simply not complete without backlinks. It is important for other sites to link back to your mega-post for additional exposure and traffic. As a part of content marketing ideas, backlinks often form the basis of a B2B content strategy for positioning your brand and website. Hence, backlinks will be useful long after the popularity of your mega-post has lessened. Backlinks from high quality websites can also boost your website ranking on search engines such as Google.

While these are just a few tips to help you market your mega post, there are many other B2B content marketing ideas which you can implement to ensure that your article reaches the maximum number of viewers/visitors. It is important to remember that increased visitors also represent higher profit margins and more chances of sales.

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