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PUBG vs Fortnite: An In-Depth Comparison

PUGB and Fortnite are two of the biggest multiplayer games in the world right now, thanks to their shared Battle Royale game modes. However, there’s quite a few differences between the two, so we’ll cover them below for you.

What are PUBG and Fortnite?


PUBG, or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is a prominent FPS/TPS responsible for skyrocketing the “battle royale” genre into popularity. It has a realistic, modern setting and is managed by a relatively small independent development team.


Fortnite is a prominent multiplayer TPS that’s…actually existed for quite a while, but only recently surged into relevancy with its free-to-play “Battle Royale” mode. Fortnite is a cartoony TPS developed by the folks over at Epic Games.

Differences In Gameplay

PUBG vs. Fortnite: A game-genre copycat face-off heats up

Both of these games headline a “battle royale” mode that consists of 100 players taking part in what’s essentially a free-for-all deathmatch. This deathmatch happens across the span of a large map, contained to a certain radius that slowly shrinks over the course of the game to force players to confront each other. As this goes on, players will be scounging for weapons and resources to equip themselves for the coming battles…so what sets apart these games?


PUBG sets itself apart with realistic weapons, physics and overall gameplay. Guns are accurate, but have recoil that can be controlled by experienced players and are much stronger than their Fortnite counterparts. PUBG also has vehicles, while Fortnite does not. The prominence of foliage also emphasizes the importance of things like camouflage, which isn’t really a concern in Fortnite due to its cartoony artstyle.


Fortnite’s cartoony artstyle comes with weapons that handle much less realistically, and the addition of weapons like rocket launchers. Most prominent of the changes is the building system in Fortnite, allowing players to use resources to build shelters and ramps in real-time to navigate the map and fortify against enemy attacks. Hiding in foliage isn’t really an option in Fortnite, so the strategy in Fortnite is less about stealth and more about resource management and fortification.

Winner: N/A

Differences In Graphics

Despite having similar goals from a gameplay perspective, these two games couldn’t look more different.


PUBG Desert Map | Very Low vs. Ultra (Graphics Comparison)

PUBG is a realistic first/third-person shooter with military themes. This translates to stellar-looking open world environments rendered in excruciating detail, as well as realistic guns and rifles.


Fortnite Battle Royale – Graphics Comparison – PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X |No Commentary|

Fortnite is a cartoony third-person shooter with bright, colorful environments. These environments usually aren’t nearly as visually-cluttered as PUBG’s, but aren’t too lacking in detail. Weapons and character proportions also fit with this cartoony artstyle, and don’t stick too closely to real-life counterparts. For a seemingly simple interpretation of graphics, there are a ton of options that you should check to get the best experience, try using the Best Fortnite Settings for the ultimate experience whether you are using PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

Winner: N/A

Differences In Performance

PUBG vs Fortnite vs H1Z1 Netcode Analysis


In addition to having a larger map size and much more going on screen, PUBG is developed by a much smaller dev team than Fortnite. Because of this, optimization isn’t all there, and mid-to-high-end PCs are required for acceptable PUBG performance. While this issue has lessened over time, PUBG is still a fairly intensive game for most PCs to run, and many may not be able to enjoy it because of this.

If you’d like a PC build optimized for PUBG, or just some performance tips, check out our guide over at The Great Setup.


In addition to a smaller map size and much less objects and details to render, Fortnite has the full backing of Epic Games, a AAA studio. Because of this, it has excellent optimization that makes it playable on low-end PCs, and amazing on even mid-range PCs. This makes Fortnite more accessible, from a performance standpoint, than PUBG.

Winner: Fortnite

Differences In Map Size


PUBG’s map is massive, measured at 8×8 kilometers and providing a much larger space for players to play in. With the addition of vehicles, this adds priority for many players to grab vehicles to get around the map more quickly and escape when they’re out-of-bounds. In addition, PUBG is also adding new maps of a similar size for players to play in, spicing up the gameplay experience significantly.


Fortnite offers one map that’s quite a bit smaller than PUBG’s, but is getting some updates to add more distinct landmarks and regional differences on the map itself. A smaller map is a downside in some ways and an upside in others- due to the smaller nature of the map, games will progress more quickly and stealth is harder to pull off. Vehicles also don’t make sense in a small map.

Winner: PUBG


PUBG Vs Fortnite: Here’s What Makes These Battle Royale Games Different

Overall, Fortnite and PUBG trade blows in different areas, and which one’s right for you will ultimately depend on personal preference. Do you want a smaller map with faster games? Fortnite may be right for you. Do you want a thrilling, but realistic experience? PUBG may be what you’re looking for.

Feel free to comment below and let us know: which game do you think comes out on top?

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