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Skills to Hire for your New Business

Starting your new business has been a long time coming, and it’s exciting to finally make the mental leap, but you need some extra hands and aren’t sure which skills those team members should have.

Whether you’re hiring a few long-term employees or looking to outsource some start-up projects to professionals, these are some key skills you should be looking to hire.

Networking and Personability

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You might think networking is only for salesman and personability is there to make the office day more bearable, but they’re both handy skills all your employees should have. People who have these skills are engaging and welcoming. Those kind of encounters are what your customers will appreciate about you. It will

Having employees who recognize that they can help give your business a good reputation and contribute to its outreach and growth is definitely going to help you in the long run.

Finance and Business

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If you’re not finance and business savvy yourself, find someone that you can work closely with who is. Because of how integral they’ll be to the way your business functions, this is a person you’ll definitely want to hire long-term or partner with.

They’ll be the perfect second set of eyes for important details, and a much needed sounding board for new ideas and perpetuating growth.

Web Design

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Every business absolutely needs a website tailored to their needs. If you’ve never seen the backend of a website or used a Content Management System (CMS), someone with professional web design experience will be able to provide insight about how to make your website an asset to your company’s growth rather than a detriment.

Content Management

Building a Framework and a Content Team

Get someone on your team who loves writing and knows how to turn a phrase. They’ll be a valuable resource for writing web content as well as blog posts promoting your business. You can include them in your marketing team to help with social media content, ads, and any videos you want to cook up.  Not only are writers great at determining the kind of content you’ll need to become successful, they can be versatile and help out in other areas.

Graphic Design

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Graphic designers are valuable for more than just creating logos. They can create continuous media to supplement your web and marketing content. Graphic design goes hand-in-hand with photography, too, so looking for someone with a strong understanding of design elements will be able to manipulate photos just as well as infographics

A skilled graphic designer will know just what each piece needs to stand out and bring in customers.

Social Media Management and SEO

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In today’s business world, so much marketing takes place on social media sites and search engines like Google (well, mostly Google). You want someone who has the ability to get your business noticed in search results, and someone who will keep customers and potential customers engaged with your business.

These skills take a special consistency that can be hard to manage with everything else a business owner does, so don’t be afraid to hand it off to someone who understands what your business is all about.

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