Steps Towards Creating a Safer Campus

No one wants their college campus to be unsafe. From school shootings to student muggings, campus security is a major issue, and it’s important that your facility go above and beyond to stay safe. There are several steps you can take to prevent violence and danger, and it’s important to employ them.

Better Lighting

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Parking lots shouldn’t be dark. College students may be returning to their cars at all hours of the night, and whether it’s a student-to-student threat or an off-campus perpetrator, no one should be able to slip through the shadows of a deserted parking lot.


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If your campus is in a heavily populated area, such as the downtown area of a city, it may be hard to keep outsiders from filtering in with the students. Consider having staff and students display an ID to better identify who belongs.

Key Cards

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Most campuses install key card security systems outside their dorms, but you may want to install them on every building as well. A few buildings can be open to the public, but for the most part, if only students should be entering a facility, keep it that way.

Screen Visitors

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You can get a visitor management system with automated background checks for schools, colleges, and universities. It’s important to screen volunteers, vendors, and visitors coming in to the campus. Whenever possible, don’t let any guest, employed or otherwise, slip out of sight, or enter the campus without being properly screened.


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You may wish to increase the number of campus security guards. If so, have some on foot, and some in patrol cars. As much as possible, have each campus zone regularly watched. Not only will this help prevent incidents, it will make students feel safer.

Get Rid of Graffiti

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While graffiti isn’t out to get anyone, it detracts from an atmosphere of safety. Clear all graffiti from halls and bathrooms to keep the campus looking clean, reputable, and friendly.

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The Best College for the Best You

There are many ways to keep a campus safe. Rather than letting your college or university suffer from dropouts, students who transferred, or left due to feeling unsafe, enlist these security measures to maintain a welcoming atmosphere. Have security guards greet every student with a warm smile. Talk to students regularly. Have on-campus activities that keep the grounds alive and active. Where there are people, there’s usually safety, and your students will sense that. Keep you campus safe, and give your students a chance at some of the best four years of their lives.

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