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8 Reasons Your Business Needs Barcodes

12 Creative Barcode Designs That (Amazingly) Work

To take your business to the next level, it is time to get technical. You do not have to have special training to add the latest technology to your business operation though. Barcode technology is quickly becoming an essential part of daily activity for businesses of all sizes. Your business needs barcode technology to continue to be competitive. To get started, all that is required is a barcode printer and a barcode scanner. Here are eight reasons why you do not want to be left behind.

1. Barcode Automates the Business Experience.

How to Automate Your Business for Fast Growth
How to Automate Your Business for Fast Growth

There is really no special training needed to create barcodes or to read them. The scanner does all the work for you. To create barcodes, someone must input all the associated product data, such as the price, into a basic database that the barcode number can reference when it scans a given product. To sell an item or check inventory, employees need only to scan and have access to that information.

2. Barcodes Are Scalable to Any Business Size.

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How to Create a Company That Can Run without You

Barcodes can be used by businesses with large and small inventory amounts. Once the system is set up, an unlimited number of additional barcodes can be created as needed for new products. You can also customize barcode data to include more or less information. If your business needs more complex barcodes, the point-of-sale system should be able to create those as well.

3. Barcode Stickers Can Be Placed Anywhere.

12 Creative Barcode Designs That (Amazingly) Work
12 Creative Barcode Designs That (Amazingly) Work

Packaging for awkward-shaped of soft products can be challenging to coordinate. Barcodes are versatile and can be placed on any type of product. They can accommodate unusual shapes, textures, or sizes. When you need barcode stickers that print in varying sizes, most label printers can accommodate multiple sizes.

4. Barcode Tracks Product Inventory Easily.

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A barcode works like a small identification badge. It can provide information on a product such as its name and manufacturer. It can also hold location data to help you determine where it is located in the storage facility. To accomplish this, you can add a location code to designate sorting areas. You can also include a product count to keep track of the quantity of each product and barcodes can update that value as sales are made.

5. Barcodes Eliminate the Human Error Factor.

44 Cool and Creative Bar Code Designs
44 Cool and Creative Bar Code Designs

Statistics vary widely, but it is estimated that the average person has an error rate of one in 100. While one percent might seem small, when it comes to sales, even small mistakes can cost businesses money. A barcode scanner eliminates the need for a person to manually key in product prices or inventory management details. A wireless barcode scanner also allows an employee to carry the device to scan products anywhere, rather than trying to remember a string of numbers.

6. Barcode Technology is Proven to Work.

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Perhaps surprisingly, barcodes have been used by businesses for over 50 years. Although the technology used to interpret them has improved over time, this method of tracking detailed product information is one that remains constant. Business owners are hesitant to jump on new technology sometimes and rightly so. Fads come and go, but barcode is a system that has proven that it will work anywhere and anytime.

7. Barcode Saves Businesses Time and Money.

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A barcode scanner is just quick. It works right the first time and never needs to double check a figure. Whether you need checkout lines to move quickly or inventory to be evaluated by a deadline, barcode scanning can make the process move fast. This tool can get more work done in a shorter amount of time with fewer people involved. When business is functioning efficiently, it is making the best use of time and financial resources.

8. Barcodes are Incredibly Versatile.

30 Barcode-Inspired Designs
30 Barcode-Inspired Designs

Although the most common use for barcodes is to identify a product, they can be used for many other functions. Use barcodes on paperwork, employee identification badges, and equipment in your facility. A barcode is just an identification tool which can be associated with any range of information that is entered into a database. Barcodes on paperwork can keep track of forms associated with a specific product. For employees, a badge barcode can be scanned to calculate time in and out of work.

There are plenty of benefits to using barcode technology and all of them are intended to make your business run more smoothly. Business owners who are looking for a new product to accomplish this task should consider the Shopify point-of-sale hardware system or a similar automated product to ease their workload. It coordinates with a barcode printer and scanner to synchronize product inventory and sales. If you are unsure whether this product is right for your small business, you can test out the hardware with a no-risk guarantee under the brand’s return policy. Weigh the benefits of barcode against the initial costs and see how it can help you.

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