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This week is starting off great! Catching up on my workload as well as getting some rest. Happy Veterans Day to you all! Been having fun this week chatting with Subscribers (Which grow by the day now!), daily visitors, and twitter friends! I am proud to log onto twitter each morning and have someone ask “When are we getting those nerdy web techy web developer/designery Resources Today?” Makes me smile :). So go get those resources!

Web Developer/Designer Resources




Twitter Stuff

Web Developer/Designer Inspiration



Design Tutorials



Web 2.0 News

Social Media/Web Tools

Photoshop Tutorials


Laugh of the Day

PHP Programming

Pictures from my life (mainly my cute kids)

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    Thanks for letting me know! I appreciate it! I will definitely get that fixed asap! 🙂

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    Hi Andy,

    Just wanted to let you know, I had a bit of an issue trying to subscribe, because your subscribe link, for some reason, only showed as a link when I was hovered over some of it (so i tried to click on the rss icon, but nothing happened, looked for a while for a subscribe button, couldn’t find one, so tried the rss icon again, and while moving my mouse all over it, finally found the ‘hand’ and clicked. I’m in FF3..

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