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    Hey Andy,

    the sneak peak is looking good. Bright is good!
    The nintendo gamepad is sweet, bring backs memories ;D

    Cheers from Germany

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    Andy its mad tight. I like how you implemented the video game elements and added that old school 8-bit touch to the design.

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      Thanks yo! Yeah I wanted to go back and focus on the things that I love, like video games and the binary 101010 behind it represents the programming aspect. I hope to make some javascript video games as well this year 😀

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    I really like the light background on the new design much better. Looks cleaner and more inviting. Hope as is going well man. Cheers!

  6. 8

    Great, but I have question, what do you do with your old designs?

    Suggestion try donating them to new Blogger’s

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      Never thought about donating designs to new bloggers, I typically just stick them in my portfolio – Maybe I’ll release a theme to download that is similar 🙂

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