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5 Ways To Promote Your Dental Practice

Are you looking for ways to promote your dental practice? Marketing is essential to make customers aware of your existence and drive repeat business. Dental practices must promote their services like any other private company to ensure their business thrives. Here are five things to consider when marketing your dental practice.

Create An Online Presence

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An online presence is the best way to ensure that potential customers know your business exists. Start by creating a professional website listing your services, and include reviews from satisfied customers and before and after photos. You should also ensure you have social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Tiktok, with an effective social media marketing strategy to drive potential customer interaction. Factors like blog posts with helpful content will also be well-received by potential customers.

Make A Positive In-Practice Experience

At least a third of individuals have a phobia of the dentist. Creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere is essential for putting patients at ease and ensuring repeat business for your surgery. This can be as simple as using calming colors in your waiting room or having the right music for dental office patients. How your patients feel before, during, and after their appointment will be reflected in their reviews and whether they recommend you to friends and family.

Incentivize Referral Schemes

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Incentivizing referrals is a great way to get more patients through your door. If they refer family or friends, you could offer discounts for patients on their next treatment or appointment. You might also want to consider discounts for second children attending the clinic or family discounts. Rewarding patients for their referrals can help encourage them to keep attending and generate patient loyalty.

Consider Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to manage client relationships and ensure they know everything from new services to a reminder for their next appointment. Automating your email campaigns using tools like MailChimp can help save you time and help you to reach out at strategic moments with dental hygiene advice, practice updates and appointment reminders. Avoid spamming your customers, though, and follow up every few weeks or months rather than daily.

Use Video Advertising

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Many dental clinics use video materials to help potential patients see what procedures they do and their staff at work. It’s also a great way to make your dentists seem like more familiar faces, as for many clinics, their dentists form the face of the brand. Record your dentist team advising on hygiene tips and what patients expect from their appointments. Video advertising is the perfect way to convert potential clients into patients.


Like any other business, a dental practice must promote its surgery to get clients. This can be done in many ways, from creating a solid and trustworthy online presence to making your patient visits peaceful and stress-free. Consider incentivizing your customers with referral schemes and automating your email campaigns to better engage with customers. You should also showcase and familiarize customers with your dentists by putting them at the heart of video content and advertising. 

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