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60+ Epic Stickerbombs & Geeky JDM Sticker Decals (Japanese Domestic Product)

Ok guys, so recently I stumbled upon this cool (hip?) new trend in the import car circles – mostly the japanese imports, but anyway, It has to do with JDM Stickers and Stickerbombs, its pretty creative and cool. This gets kind of confusing so bear with me. JDM Stands for Japanese Domestic Product – basically japanese domestic autos. So the JDM Part is mostly kids pimping out their imported cars with really cool “Anime” styled stickers (which you will see below) and also fun and clever sayings – that are almost ‘meme’-esque (you will see those as well). Another part of the JDM trend, while not required, but mentioned here is the “Sticker bomb” part. So what is a “Stickerbomb”? Well as you will see below, a stickerbomb is basically a sheet of a TON of stickers (hundreds) that you use to cover pieces of your car (or the whole car!) with – its almost like a ‘sticker’ paint. Its really cool, I might actually do it to my car one day when it needs a paint job haha. I assume the stickers have really good adhesive hold to be used as a stickerbomb.

I figured we would showcase the JDM stickers today because they are really getting popular lately among teens who are into cars, and drift or street racers. These vinyl stickers can protect in addition to adding style to your car. Another reason they are so popular is that JDM style stickers are really easy to get to in any country – they are just stickers or decals, they can come in the mail!

We have showcased below a ton of style examples – Several are designed in a solid form vinyl and some of them are lucid. The solid ones make a bold appearance on the car whereas the lucid vinyl stickers let the color of the car shine through as part of the sticker. They are really easy to Apply, you can apply the JDM stickers yourself – another reason they are really catching on and selling selling. (they aren’t too expensive either)

JDM style stickers are intended for the beautification of cars. These stickers have a lot of advantages that is why racers and other car owners apply them in their cars. Not only these stickers become long-lasting because of its substance, but it also stick better. Still, their adhesive is not that permanent so that anytime when the car owner thinking about to sell the car or thinking about change the overall appearance, they can immediately strip it off with no difficulty.

A quick history lesson on these stickers – you will notice a trend on the stickers, there is a Yellow and Green Leaf Logo that represents the JDM style – this is what wikipedia says about how that originated

The Shoshinsha mark or Wakaba mark, introduced in 1972, is a green and yellow V-shaped symbol that new Japanese drivers must display on their cars for one year. A driver must display this mark on the front and back of the car for one year after they obtain a standard driver’s license. This obligation is only for a standard license, not for motorcycles, large vehicles, special cars and so on. Drivers who consider themselves beginners may continue to display the sign, even after the period of a year.

Its official name is The Beginner Drivers’ Sign. Conversely, the orange and yellow “Fukushi mark” or “Koreisha mark” denotes elderly drivers. Both marks are designed to warn other drivers that the marked driver is not very skilled, either due to inexperience or old age.

I found that rather fascinating, that the JDM logo signifies beginner drivers in Japan – while the orange and red leaf signifies the older more experienced drivers – why don’t we have cool stuff like that in america??!

We have found some of the most badass JDM Stickers around the net, and rounded them up here! We have some real examples on cars, also some artistic renderings of cars pimped out with JDM stickers! We also included a lot of examples of cars with the “Stickerbomb” effect on there. So this post will hopefully give you some epic sticker inspiration!! I hope it helps you on your next sticker project, or maybe you are a JDM’er that wants to design your own and use an online sticker printing company to print them off and pimp your car out with them – not a bad idea either! Whatever you are doing I hope you get inspired by these creative stickers and examples today! Enjoy!

(These stickers apparently pull mad chicks, man – in addition to adding extra HP! haha)

Now that, is a stickerbomb – more like a sticker-splosion!

Love this, that is so creative. Such an epic idea.

I could probably spend all day looking at all the stickers on this car – so much nostalgia

These are the actual stickers used in Japan to designate the drivers – as explained at the top

Cool book on sticker bombing – even has stickers in it!

Watch out for the peeking pedo bear!

More Sticker Bomb Inspiration

Need moar sticker bomb? I think you do.

70+ Epic Sticker Bomb Examples

EVEN MORE JDM Stickers!!

Got any favorite JDM Cars or Gear that you think we should see? Link it down below in the comments so everyone can enjoy!

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