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60+ Hilarious, Creative & Beautiful Examples of Toy & Video Game Inspired Photography

When I was in middle school, I used to walk down to the comic shop (which sadly doesn’t exist anymore where I live) after school and I would pick up a ToyFare magazine (which again doesn’t exist) and I would LMFAO. If you have never heard of ToyFare then check this wiki link. It was a magazine full of the coolest toys, and they would have hilarious captions in them – it was almost like a print version of Robot Chicken (I assume you are all familiar with that). But Today I have some awesome toy photography that reminds me of those good ole days of playing with toys and making hilarious captions for them and having fun with them. Also the video game nostalgia is there – and it all mixes together to create some amazing Photography inspiration. If you are a photographer and need some epic and geeky ideas for your next project then look no further.


Need Moar Awesome Toys & Video Game Photography!? here ya go

200+ Creative, Beautiful & Awesome Custom Toy Design Art And Toy Photography Inspiration

50 Beautiful Examples of Toy Photography

Video Games In The Real World

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