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30 Amazing Mac Wallpapers

Apple products – be it the iPhone, iPad or the Macbook have millions of diehard fans from all over the world and undoubtedly the aficionados have enough reasons for having a weakness for them. The Apple products are absolutely unique in their own way and so are the users, after years of being urged to “Think Different”. Mac users are everywhere, you can always pick them out of a crowd – usually by their tricked out machines, or especially when you see what is on their desktop.

The Apple users are so in love with their machines that no ordinary wallpaper wil do, oh no. They are always looking forward to some exclusive Mac wallpaper that adds to their one of kind nature. So in keeping with the demand, designers all around the internet have created some of the exclusive Mac Wallpaper to cater to their audience. All these wallpapers contain the awesome Apple logo that we have all grown to love. Putting up any of these wallpapers will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and show off your mac pride (not that your co-workers didn’t already know about it). Enjoy!

1. Mac Book Air Blue

This is an creation by Adni.

2. Apple in the spotlight

This is an creation by Mac App storm.

3. Mac blue

4. Once Upon A Time Mac

5. Think Different

6. Mac wallpaper by Wing fish

7. Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

8. Mac OS X Relax

9. Colorful Desktop Candy

A Mac inspired wallpaper.

10. Blaze of light

11. Back to Mac looks

12. Dark wood Mac wallpaper

13. Burning Mac by Eshark

14. Apple Mac wallpapers by Shashanksathe

15. Apple green Mac wallpaper

16. Apple Wallpaper Pack

This is an collection of Alseri.

17. Wood Apple Wallpaper

Are you tired of space, techno or abstract wallpapers for Mac desktops? Maybe you can use this old-style wallpaper with the new trendy apple's black logo.

18. Mac Wallpaper by IFrenky

19. Apple Mac wallpapers

20. Mac OS Tardifs Wallpaper

21. Apple Wallpaper

After years of using PCs I was talked into getting a Mac at work. I decided after having rotten luck with my last two PCs at work I would take the leap…so naturally I decided to make a wallpaper about it.

22. Grey Mac wallpaper

23. Mac Wallpaper by Cihandikmen

24. Mac Windows

25. Raimta

26. Red Mac

27. Mac Wallpaper

28. Mac Wallpaper by Phil Nolan

For those of you who really love your Mac.

29. Mac Valentine's

30. Mac Vintage Wallpaper

We have listed in this editorial the 30 most gorgeous Mac Wallpaper examples around – hope you have fun plastering these bad boys onto your machine, or sending them to your mac addict friends :). Thanks for reading!

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