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A Round-up of Quirky and Creative Apple Fan Art

Apple has always managed to cultivate a devoted fan base. The sleek designs, seamless user interface and pretty animations that go along with ground-breaking technology have led to one of the most motivated customer bases on the planet.

Part of this motivation manifests itself in Apple fan art. Sometimes weird, sometimes gorgeous and sometimes featuring food portraits, this fan art is always imaginative and interesting. Here is a round-up of some of the most creative and quirky examples of Apple fan art.

One of the most famous images of Steve Jobs on the web, this creative photo collage is made up of various Mac products sold through the years, arranged into a portrait of the leader of the company.


This creepy yet quirky image is exactly what internet-based fan art is all about: it combines Ryuk, a character from manga and anime series Death Note, with the famous iTunes and iPod ads.


Steve Jobs’ death prompted a lot of fan art, including this touching memorial. This creative artist, Tom Gaffney, carved Jobs’ portrait into an apple before laying it outside the Apple store in Birmingham.


This image was also created in response to Jobs’ passing. His silhouette becomes the bite mark of the Apple, creating a lovely, simple tribute.


This apple pie becomes an Apple pie, once a laser-cut Mac logo in included as an air vent.


Steve Jobs is the subject of many a piece of Apple fan art. Here, he is cast as a quirky technological Moses, gifting to humanity two tablets – or iPhones, in his case.


Another Apple pie, this one was created with a simple hand-carved logo. It is less sleek and precise than the other, but it still has a lot of charm.


This portrait is direct, simple, evocative, colourful, imaginative, serious and somehow friendly, all at once. In that way, it is a lot like Apple products in general.


Yet another example of food-based and Steve Jobs-based fan art, this bust is actually a ball of sculpted mozzarella. Not that it looks particularly appetising.


Finally, there’s this artwork: “In the Shadow of Steve Jobs”. It illustrates the large shoes new Apple CEO Tim Cook has to fill, but it manages to seem hopeful and forward-looking, too.


As demonstrated above, Apple fan art runs the gamut from absurd to awesome. Still, the ultimate tribute to the brand and the man who represented it all is the fact that so many people love their Apple products enough to feel inspired to create.

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What was your favorite apple artwork? Let us know in the comments below, thanks for reading!

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    On January 24, 1984, the Macintosh, its first computer was launched, “with the promise to put the creative power of technology in everyone’s hands.”
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