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The Free Website Maker That Will Simplify Your Life

It’s no surprise to anyone that today the most important thing in business and commerce is to stand out in the virtual medium. When all things are more and more connected, it’s also harder to keep up with the change and not have the image of the company dissolve in the electronic abyss of the internet. The worldwide web is growing ever faster, and inevitably is swallowing the platforms below it. Trade is moving up in the cloud, and the computer is becoming a tedious medium. The new playground is dominated by the phones and tablets, and it’s not forgiving with those who ignore it. You either adapt, or competition will push you aside. The code free website maker is not at all a new concept, and now we can say its domain has reached a certain maturity. But now it’s harder to choose, since they are so many. Website Builder is a very simple to use service, being at the same time complete and very versatile, and most importantly, free to use.

It takes only a few minutes to get a website up and running. All you need to do is follow these easy steps:
After you click “start now”, choose “templates” (unless you want to build everything yourself from ground zero).

Templates, however, can be edited as well, and they cover a plethora of categories, from art and freelancing to tourism and other services. Here you can choose the templates for mobile sites as well.

The next step takes you to the customizing screen. Here you give life to your website with a bunch of elements aligned on the top menu, which can be easily inserted and modified onto the work board with a simple click. They range from video embeds and individual images to galleries, slideshows, and stand-alone HTML frames. If you know a bit of coding, you can finesse the details by writing the code in the frame, and the changes take places in real time, in a what you see is what you get fashion.

Finally, after the site is done, clicking the Publish button will let you give it a name, and after the registration is complete, it will be online. Support comes in the form of a PDF manual and e-mail customer service. The service also includes SEO integration, Web analytics and, most importantly, free hosting, making it ideal as a last minute solution.

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