Simple Adwords Hacks That Will Improve Your Campaigns

Google’s Adwords can be a fantastic tool – but you have to get it right, or it could cost you a lot of money. It’s for this reason that many people are afraid of using Adwords, and will, in fact, avoid any PPC strategy whatsoever. However, the truth is it is a great way to get visitors to your blog, and if you target them correctly, it will give you a high return on your investment. So, let’s take a look at some simple Adwords hacks that will improve your campaign performance.

Location and language

First of all, make sure you are targeting the right people – in the right place, talk in the right language. You would be surprised at how few Adwords accounts are set up correctly regarding location and style. It’s especially important if you are a localized business offering services to your home city and surrounding area. An ad that gets delivered to a guy in India isn’t going to buy a pizza from a delivery service in Chicago, for example. If you are targeting separate areas, never include them in the same campaign. Set up specific campaigns for each location – and you will get a lot more accurate data to work with.

AdWords targeting – enhancing campaign performance and reaching the right audience

Lack of negative keywords

According to, negative keywords can be the biggest money wastes in your campaigns. The reason? You are targeting people that aren’t ready to buy or are just looking for the cheapest offer going. Neither are good for your business, but every time your ad is displayed, you are spending valuable money. So, take negative keywords seriously if you want to start converting Adwords campaigns.

The Beginner’s Guide to Using Negative Keywords

Split test

Split testing – or A/B testing – gives PPC marketers to see what works – and what doesn’t. If you are marketing anything without testing, how can you measure, track, and improve your results? One of the great things about Adwords is that Google makes it so easy to A/B test your campaigns. Once the data starts to roll in, you will be able to laser target on your high-performing ads and lose (or improve) the weaker links. The result? You can move faster on wasteful campaigns and stop leaking the money.



There are excellent reasons for embracing Adwords for mobile. According to, the sheer number of searches that occur on a cell phone these days makes it impossible to ignore. And, of course, more people use ad blocking software on PCs than they do on smartphones – meaning your ads are more likely to be seen, anyway. Of course, your mobile ads are going to be different from the standards you expect people to see on their computers. You’ll need to tick the mobile ad preferred option, and also try out different wording, so your ads are more effective on the small screen. Finally, you should always create mobile-specific landing pages for mobile. Optimize them to make the most out of every visitor.

Google AdWords to break up tablet & desktop and enable a mobile base bid

Do you have any simple advice for Adwords beginners? Let us know about them in the comments section below!

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