Stuff Your Design Stockings With The All-Purpose Vector Supply Kit (99% off!)

These days it is very difficult to create an eye catching design that is also versatile without using some form of vector art! This trend has made the design world very beautiful but the only problem is these fancy illustrations take time to create, and even more time to do well!

However, if you have a “treasure chest” filled with vector illustrations, textures, logos, brushes, and more – I’d venture to say that you can create just about any design, quickly! Well today we have exactly that for you – we found this amazing deal over at DesignCuts and had to let you guys know, the new All-Purpose Vector Supply Kit is a must-have resource for any designer (especially busy ones that need to crank out some sweet designs on the regular).




That’s just a small sample of the massive bundle, click through to see the full majesty of this design bundle! It has literally everything you would need, especially for the upcoming holiday season – lot’s of fall, Christmas/Holiday, winter illustrations so stock your design vault! As you can see it’s a quality resource, and it should be since it has so many best-selling elements – The resources vary from frames, icons, silhouettes, textures, florals, icons, badges, shapes, machine parts, artistic ornaments, sunbursts, labels, borders and more!

Show Me The Deal!

Normally this pack would cost $2806 (It contains almost $3000 worth of vector products) but you can get it for just $29 (99% off) until November 14th.

That is SUCH. A. STEAL. You won’t regret picking this one up, it’s one of those resources you’ll come back to again and again for years to come – your future self will thank you.


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