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Why Is a Good Landing Page Important?

A landing page is an essential part of today’s business, there’s no doubt about it. Still a bit underestimated, a good landing page can significantly boost your business. However, in order to do so, we need to make sure several requirements are met.

Even the most beautiful and functional landing page will get you nowhere without proper conversion rates, or in layman’s terms: without people reacting to your landing page’s content in the way you intended them to do.

This is what conversion is all about. Not only will a well-designed landing page attract people through the way it has been prepared, but it will also encourage visitors to actually purchase the product/service that is being advertised.

What makes a good and effective landing page? There are several key factors that you have to keep in mind when designing it. The most important one is to think of it as a separate product, rather than just part of your company website. However, it should still feel like part of your organization.

Here’ a few things good landing pages do:

The UX behind designing landing pages that convert

  1.       They focus on the product/service provided rather than on its provider. A good landing page will not give tell a detailed story of your company. People who visit a landing page come there for a reason, and the reason is a certain product/service that they have been promised. There is no sense in selling them something different.
  2.       They are simple and non-aggressive. People who visit your landing page, your customers-to-be, cannot be scared off by lengthy, unfriendly forms, and tonnes of text. Especially nowadays, people don’t like to go through loads of text and forms, and the simpler the better. You feel like you cannot make it simple enough? Break your registration process into steps, this may help.
  3.       They target a specific audience and collect information about them. Specifying different segments among your customers allows for creating targeted campaigns. However, if you want to get the most out of it, you need to gather proper data as well. This means you will want to know more than just a name and an e-mail address if you want to make the best out your landing page.

These are but a few examples of what a good landing page should do. There are many other examples that we haven’t included in this text, simply to get you going and doing your own research!

However, what we can tell you is that a well-tailored landing page is crucial to your success in digital marketing, as it allows for reaching audiences with specific needs. You can then forward them to your other social media marketing tools, in order to boost your sales.

If you’d like to learn more about how to increase your conversion rates, thus broadening your customer base and boosting your sales, make sure to read this neat little article on creating landing pages that actually convert: .

We hope that this’ll open a new chapter in your business’ marketing and boost your sales!

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