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What Promotional Products Do People Keep? Umbrellas, Pens, and More

When you’re spending money on promotional products, you don’t want to end up opting for something that people simply glance at then throw away. Instead, you want to choose products that they’ll actually keep (and, ideally, use on a regular basis).

So what branded products are popular with customers? Think about what they can actually use: paperweights and letter openers, for instance, aren’t a whole lot of use in a paperless office.

You might well find that, in the long run, it’s worth investing in larger, more expensive promotional products that people will be delighted by, rather than cheap throwaway ones that don’t make much impression. Things like promotional water bottles, promotional umbrellas, or even promotional hoodies can be much more lasting than cheap promotional pencils.

Here are a few top products to consider:

#1: Promotional Drinkware

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Whether it’s a mug, a reusable coffee cup, or a water bottle, promotional drinkware has the huge benefits of being both useful and highly visible to people other than the person using it. Instead of getting your brand just in front of one prospect, you’re placing it somewhere that workmates are highly likely to see too.

#2: Promotional Umbrellas

Want to make an impact not only on your prospect or customer’s office but also on all the people who see them walking to their office? The Australian Company Good Things has a whole range of promotional umbrellas – from large golf umbrellas to folding compact ones that fit easily into a bag. These could be a great marketing tool, especially if your customer or prospect lives somewhere rainy.

#3: Branded Power Banks

Branding and package design for One powerbank

You’re rushing around during a busy day … and your cell phone dies. Chances are, you don’t have a charger on you (and even if you did, you might not be in a convenient place to find an outlet). You can see why branded power banks are particularly popular, then: they fill a huge need. Consider giving yours away with a short USB cable too, for maximum convenience.

#4: Branded Pens … That Actually Work

Pens are a staple of promotional items, because they’re cheap to produce in bulk, and they’re pretty much always useful. (After all, you can’t really have too many pens!) It’s crucial to invest in pens that work, though, or they’ll just get thrown away. As less and less work gets done on paper, it’s also well worth considering options like pens that double as a stylus.

#5: Fun Products That Raise a Smile

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While functional products will be kept and used, products that are kept and talked about are often ones that raise a smile. Those could be anything from promotional rubber ducks to branded yo-yos. Think beyond the obvious, and you could be onto a real winner, especially if you have a fun or quirky brand that fits well with the product.

Whether you’re looking for cheap promotional products to give out to prospects or pricier products that you can use to reward loyal customers, put a bit of thought into what people will actually want. Choose something that they’ll keep, use again and again, and perhaps even show off to their friends and colleagues … and you’ll get a great return on your investment.

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