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Standing Out In A Sea Of Competitors

Everyone and his dog are in business for themselves these days. They are selling their own artwork, IT solutions, website design or any of the other myriad of things people are monetizing at the moment. So how do you stop your business getting drowned in a sea of competitors? The answer is marketing. Clever, original and eye-catching marketing. Check out our guide below.

Social Media

It’s likely you have home pages for your business on social media, but few companies use it to its full extent. Social media can be a great way to drive traffic to your site and raise the profile of a particular product or service. But you do have to think outside of the box. A quick Facebook post doesn’t quite cut it.

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It’s more about creating engaging content that will be shared. That means Instagram-worthy photos, shareable videos and comedy memes. You can also provide sample of products to bloggers who will post on sites like Pinterest and Twitter. Check out this previous blog post for some inspiration.


Unfortunately, your social media content isn’t going to work if you don’t have a well-established visual brand. This means getting a logo professionally designed. Think carefully about the colours that you are using and the emotional response that they evoke in those that are viewing them.

Once you have decided on a design, ensure that it is constantly shown across all your social media platforms. You should include it on on your stationary and on promotional products too.

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Promotional products

Of course, promotional products have long been used to raise a company’s profile with potential clients. You might even be using a promotional mug right now as you read this post! However like anything promotional items can get too samey and tired that is why it’s a good idea to brand something that has value, or is or quirky.

Remember a lot of marketing has to do with the emotions that it creates in the potential customer. So if you received a valuable or useful item, it is more likely to create a dynamic of trust.

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Promotional USB sticks can be a good shout, as they will definitely get lots of use. So that means your company’s brand will be jogged in the client memory multiple times. Body warmers are also a clever item, as they are associated with the positive sensation of warming up when it’s cold.


Whatever field you are in, the rise of ecommerce means that there is lots of competition out there. However, it also presents a distinct advantage for capable businesses, namely feedback.

Reviews of items and services are big business on the net. Customers routinely examine evaluations of a product or service they, before committing to buy.

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This is great news for any company that want to be able to stand out from their competitors. This is because even if you have similar products, nailing great customer service will give you an additional USP to help you close the deal.

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