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How To Make Money With Your Drone

While many might associate drones with military strikes and assume that their usage is too advanced to comprehend, the truth is that a drone can be purchased and flown at home with relative ease! Just go to Amazon and you will be sure to find one quickly in an affordable price. So what do you do after you’ve learned how to fly it? As you will find out, a drone can be used not only for fun but there are also a variety of ways that you can take advantage of it to make money for you!

There are many ways to make money with a drone. Here are a few quick ideas:

  • Deliver packages. Some companies are now using drones to deliver packages. This is a relatively new field, but it has the potential to be very lucrative.
  • Create a YouTube channel about drones. If you are passionate about drones, you can create a YouTube channel and share your knowledge with others. This can be a great way to make money if you build up a large following.
  • Write a blog about drones. You can also write a blog about drones and share your tips and advice with others. This can be a great way to make money if you build up a large following.
  • Teach others about drones. You can teach others how to fly drones, how to take aerial photos and videos, or how to use drones for inspections. This can be a great way to make money if you have the right skills and experience.
  • Start a drone business. If you have the right skills and experience, you can start your own drone business. This could involve offering drone photography or video services, inspection services, or package delivery services.

These are just a few ideas for how to make money with a drone. With a little creativity and effort, you can find many ways to use your drone to generate income. Read on and learn more about the five best ways to make money with your drone:

1. Selling Aerial Footage

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Thanks to drones and their ability to take high quality aerial photos, the real estate market has never been more robust. To get the most out of your drone, it is best to focus on high end properties, i.e. those that cost over $500,000. While it may seem smart to target realtors with your photos, you can also speak to local golf courses, ranches, amusement parks, beach resorts and ski lodges. Build a show reel of quality, so that you can build credibility with your prospects. You can sell your drone footage to businesses, real estate agents, or anyone else who needs high-quality aerial images or videos.

2. Offer Your Services At Weddings

Drone Photography Tutorial

If you’ve gotten married, you can probably relate to a couple’s desire to have various photos taken. Its an experience that must be commemorated and thanks to a drone, you can capture photos from a number of impossible angles. Work alongside of the venue to ensure maximum safety and avoid flying your drone too close to guests, unless you are willing to take the time and effort to have all of them sign a waiver beforehand. You can offer to take aerial photos or videos for businesses, real estate agents, or anyone else who needs them.

3. Property Inspection

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There is nothing quite like the bird’s eye view that a drone can provide when it comes to property inspection. As a result, a person who is well trained in the art of drone flying and snapping pictures is of great value to roof and asphalt repair companies. Drones can be used to inspect roofs, buildings, and other structures. This can be a great way to make money if you have the right skills and equipment. Selling in this marketplace requires a great deal of technical prowess and you may also need to invest in some additional equipment.

4. Apply To Work At A Drone Company

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Freelance work isn’t for everyone and for those who seek more consistent drone flying employment can take the time to apply for work at a drone company. The drone industry is burgeoning as we speak, offering a variety of opportunities to interested parties. If you’re truly passionate about drone flying, a career in the industry might be just what the doctor ordered!

5. Drone Racing

Nissan drone can go 115mph, watch it race the 2017 Nissan GT-R

Did you know that there are drone races that take place on a regular basis and that the barrier of entry is still quite low? There are no professional drone racing circuits at the present time, but there are a number of first person drone races for a person to enter, if they are feeling so inclined. Why don’t you try your skills in this emerging sport – it might just become something more! Drone racing is a growing sport, and there are many opportunities to make money if you are a skilled pilot.

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