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Top 7 Reasons to Choose iOS Platform For Mobile App Development

Today, the mobile application development for the most part is divided by 2 specific platforms: iOS and Android. Both of these mobile platforms are well known and popular, widely acceptable and have millions of users all over the world.

But when businesses started getting serious about app development they were desperately trying to choose one platform that will allow them to interact with users.

If you are looking for a big audience in the USA\Canada, UK and Europe, iOS development services would be more beneficial due to larger amounts of iOS platform community members (iPhones, iPads and other).

So, here are the reasons to choose iOS platform for mobile app development:

Superior app quality.


This is biggest advantage of iOS development, first but not the last. On average, Android applications outnumber iOS’s, but when the quality of a custom app is taken into consideration – iOS usually comes out on top.

No service provider’s junk.

There’s bloatware, and then there’s bloatware

Often, Android devices overloaded with pre installed applications (known as bloatware) with questionable quality. These third-party apps can crash constantly and even slow down the phone itself, resulting in a negative user experience. Fortunately, iOS devices don’t always have these kind of troubles, because Apple monitors the quality and does not allow apps like this to flood the app store.

Fluid Experience.

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Many specialists think that Android is much easier to fine tune (customize), iOS is still noted for developing a smooth, fluid and consistent user experience. In Spite of “slower” processors in the i-devices, the iOS environment provides a more accurate arrangement, natural feel and app speed. Apple’s main priority was and always will be – UI & UX, above all else and this turns into easy to use apps that are intuitive and require no training or prior experience to use. If you’re trying to gain a bigger audience with the attractiveness of your app, you will probably have better luck developing on the iOS platform.

Application reliability.

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It’s no secret that Apple is constantly praised for it’s excellent software quality and leading hardware, non-compromising quality of devices, hardware and their operating systems. Everyone knows Apple for it’s industry leading design and bleeding edge software and hardware features. iPhones cost more than the competition, but the quality is unmatched. On the other side of the coin, Android devices are more flexible and prices may vary from low-budget to high-price models. So, in this case, if you are planning to build a hardware depending product, you must develop an iOS app, for an incomparable user experience.

In-app purchase.

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Building your startup is quite expensive, but iOS development platform can get you some extra money. iOS devices are mostly used by specialists, top-managers, heads of departments and by people who can pay more on in-app purchases. It’s an undisputed fact – iOS apps can give you more exposure and revenue. The current trends lean towards In-app purchases, so if you plan to go this route you will be supported and have no trouble using the iOS platform.

Intuitive applications.

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Apple provides more intuitive and attractive user experience in it’s apps compared to Windows and Android platforms. Apple only delivers first-rate standards (especially with design standards) and is very involved in it’s users well being. So, if you’re planning to develop intuitive, user-friendly applications, there is no better place to do it than on iOS. iOS development tools also bring you modern functionalities like: peek, force touch, iPencil support and much more. It grants your applications incomparable user experience for your users. Whether they are beginners or complete Apple hipsters everyone will appreciate your well coded app.


Supporting Multiple iOS Versions and Devices

In comparison to Android, which features many different devices and operating system versions (KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, etc), iOS devices are always in sync with each other. So it leads to faster and easier development: programmers may focus on development rather than on application compatibility on numerous devices. This is why Apple devices are highly valued in business and enterprise use, time is money and no one wastes time on an iPhone with compatibility issues.

As we just covered, the points highlighted by this article shed some light on user adoption, which iOS is arguably the leader. For Startups and Enterprises accommodating their apps for Apples large user market, successful execution is fundamental and when done properly can raise the brands exposure significantly.

Business mobile apps advantages:

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Gaining new customers – bringing in new customers and making them stay is a major problem for companies, but is necessary to increase revenue and ultimately survive. There are many great iOS developers out there in the marketplace that you can hire to create your next business app idea – or you can pick it up yourself and learn to code on the platform.

User friendliness – iPhone and iPad apps are easy to use and are entertaining, making it attractive for users. A good application can raise income, exposure and can deliver you new clients.

Improve client experience – Making an intuitive iOS app with proper support can reduce your need to sell and market the app – once things go viral on the App store they basically sell themselves if your product is good enough.


  • iOS apps give you higher revenue (costs less – gives best ROI);
  • Less development time (so you can focus on making your business successful);
  • Fluid experience (greater user experience equals more audience);
  • Compatibility (develop one app and it will work fine across all iOS devices);
  • Fewer apps on the market (less app quantity – bigger chance to be on top of the chart);
  • Better security (locked-down system equals more secure end user data).


  • Less customizable than Android applications;
  • limited access to the OS (iOS is closed operation system);

Yes, the iOS mobile platform has some disadvantages, but compared to the overall pros and cons they are minor. Our Recommendation is to start with iOS platform first to give it a try, then branch out from there if needed. iOS currently holds the best market share based on statistics (demographics), value and market speed. There are surely enough developers that have chosen the iOS platform for their businesses and clients – you will be in safe hands if you choose to join them.

About the author

Max Hornostaiev, CTO of Erminesoft. Being a CTO of Erminesoft now I always keep in memories my first programming experience at school and university to keep the same devotion. In 2015th it’s my 10th year working in IT – now I’m sure the key for the growth is knowledge sharing. That is why I lead our tech team with this in mind, helping them, giving advice and teaching.

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