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5 Tips for Job Hunting in America

Being able to live the American dream is first and foremost what people moving to America will be thinking about, nay – obsessing about. The television, media, and film industries have idolized the United States for generations and for good reason (most of the time…). If your dream is to live and work in America then I have 5 great tips for you to help you with your job hunt.

1. Rewrite Your Resume

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American employees will be expecting to read your resume (yes, you say things like resume now. Be gone, mere “C.V”…) in American English. Run it through a spellchecking program that is set to American English to be sure that you have inserted the correct number of Z’s and removed the required number of U’s. Always detail your education, employment history, and achievements clearly, along with your relevant personal information. Make sure to include at least two ways to contact you but exclude social media profiles unless they pertain to your particular industry – no one needs to see you chugging a beer with Chad.

2. Be Concise

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Get straight to the point and stay there when you’re drafting your cover letter or recording your introduction video because time is, after all, money when you are moving to the US. Cut your resume down to a maximum of 2 pages and only include the important parts. I can promise you that no one cares about your first job unless it was for Mr. Jobs himself.

3. Be Bold

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Ask any European and they will gladly tell you how arrogant Americans are, well – to be fair, most Americans would probably happily tell you that themselves too. My point is that Americans usually prefer someone with confidence and a certain cocky charm. This is particularly true if you are aiming high with your job applications because not many companies want to hire meek wallflowers and I don’t blame them. Learn to motivate yourself and being bold will come naturally.

4. Add Value

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Chances are that if you’re job hunting and not being headhunted then your capabilities aren’t exactly one in a million. I mean no offense by that statement because it is true for most employees, there will almost always be someone else who can do your job as well as you can. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s a normal thing, and it just means that you need to find more creative ways to add value to your prospective new employers.

5. Be Authentic

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The best advice I can give you for job hunting anywhere in the world but particularly in America is to be yourself. Be the truest, most authentic version of yourself that you can be. As tempting as it is, you shouldn’t overstate or exaggerate when it comes to your skill set and experience – this may land you the job but it’s not going to help you keep it. Make sure that your credentials are clearly stated and attach copies of your certifications and qualifications. American employers are often quite complex in what they require from their employees so always answer any questions as truthfully as possible.

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