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4 Tips for Making a Positive First Impression


There are many introductions we have to make in life. It starts when we are little and attending school, every year we spend a few days getting to know the other kids. Later in life, we have to introduce ourselves to the dating scene. Making a good first impression on a first date is vital. If you don’t impress your date from the beginning you might not get a second chance to later. Even the work scene is full of introductions, like during a job interview or while meeting new clients. No matter what stage of life you are at, you are probably still introducing yourself. Introductions can go smoothly, but you’ve probably also experienced an awkward and uncomfortable introduction before. Here are five tips to help you make a positive first impression on anyone you meet.

Tip #1: Smile

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Smiling sends a signal of friendliness and positivity. The first time you meet someone you will want them to see you as engaging and friendly. Smiling at them can help them see you as someone they want to talk to or to get to know. Don’t force yourself to make some large goofy grin the entire conversation—you may accidentally give a weird impression. Simply greet people with a smile and remember to keep a pleasant and relaxed face for the rest of your conversation.

Smiles are more pleasant when you are looking at a set of white, clean teeth. Keep those teeth presentable and smelling fresh by brushing and flossing daily and remember to add “making a good first impression” to your reasons to floss list.


Tip #2: Eye Contact

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The right amount of eye contact (don’t stare them down) can help a conversation feel more engaging. Looking at the person speaking and even nodding your head once in a while can help them know you are actively involved in the conversation. Making eye contact with a person demonstrates respect as well as self-confidence—two admirable traits that can help you leave a good impression.


Tip #3: Listen

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Your peers, date, and boss all want to talk to someone who will listen to them. Listening is a crucial part of any conversation, but demonstrating good listening skills during a first conversation can help leave a positive impression. Listening is a basic social etiquette we should all know, but people who struggle to listen leave lasting negative impressions. This simple tip can really make or break your first impression.


Tip #4: Be You

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There are many little details you could stress about during an introduction, but remembering to relax and show your true personality is the best thing you can do. We want people to like us for who we are, but if we pretend to be someone we are not during an introduction, we are removing an opportunity for that person to get to know and love your true self. So relax, smile, and be yourself during any introduction.

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