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The Best Multipurpose WP Themes to Use This Year

A multipurpose theme is usually a solid choice. There may be instances where a specialty theme would serve you better. However, multipurpose themes like those presented here are usually more than capable of getting the job done. It is because of the flexibility they offer. The best ones typically feature clean code; they’re fast, responsive, SEO friendly, and easy to use. Open source themes are extendable as well.

It can take time to find a theme that will do what you want done. Without having to deal with the constraints or limitations, some themes bring to the table. Problems encountered when using certain plugins being but one example. You won’t be faced with any such limitations with any of the 7 multipurpose themes described below.

It shouldn’t take long to find one that best suits your needs. In any event, you can’t make a bad choice!

Happy shopping.

1. Hello Theme

Best Multipurpose Wp Themes (1)

Elementor is a popular and powerful open source website building tool. Any WordPress theme can be used with it, but to take advantage of everything Elementor offers, there’s one multipurpose theme that makes the most sense to use and that’s the Hello theme.

Pair the Hello multipurpose theme with Elementor and you have a design capability worth bragging about. Hello is more than fast and light. Since it doesn’t contain any non-essential code, it’s the fastest and lightest theme currently on the market. It’s a multipurpose theme without boundaries.

And, Hello will always be completely compatible with Elementor. The reason? Every time a new version of Elementor is tested, the bulk of that testing is done using Hello.

Hello is search engine optimized, it’s compatible with and fully supports every WordPress plugin, and it’s an ideal choice for both designers and developers.

2. Be Theme

Best Multipurpose Wp Themes (1)

Although biggest doesn’t always mean the best, there are exceptions. Be Theme is one of them. This, the biggest multipurpose WordPress theme of them all offers all the powerful core features you’re ever likely to need.

There are more than 40 of them, ranging from page builders to design options and from shortcodes to the highlight of them all; Be Theme’s library of more than 450 customizable pre-built websites.

These prebuilt websites cover most business niches, industry sectors, and website types and styles. Not only does a prebuilt website enable you to get your project off to a rapid start, it can save you a ton of time in that it features the basic UI and UX features you want your website to have.

If the thought of having a website up and running in as little as 4 hours appeals to you, you should give Be Theme a try.

3. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

Best Multipurpose Wp Themes (2)

TheGem was designed with portfolios in mind, but this high-performance multipurpose theme has much more to offer. It’s massive collection of web-building tools and design elements and options gives agencies, online businesses, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs all the website building creative freedom they seek. Yet, TheGem is so intuitive and straightforward its users don’t have to be versed in or ever have to worry about the latest design trends or best practices, nor do they need to be concerned about  any need for coding.

TheGem’s package features more than 200 website styles plus 50 content elements, more than enough to create an attractive, responsive, SEO-friendly website in minutes.

4. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Best Multipurpose Wp Themes (3)

When a multipurpose theme like Uncode can claim 55,000+ sales, it’s obvious it’s doing something right. This creative multipurpose theme has everything you need to build beautiful and profitable websites, and they have a unique way of proving it.

Uncode’s website has on display a showcase of user-built websites. Browse through it and you’ll quickly discover what this theme can and will do for you. You’ll be impressed!

5. Bridge

Best Multipurpose Wp Themes (4)

It shouldn’t be too much to ask of a theme to allow you create designs just the way you envision them; yet many themes, even multipurpose themes, don’t allow that to happen. Bridge is different. Its 100,000+ strong user base attests to that.

The Bridge package features 376+ prebuilt websites along with a large and impressive array of plugins, modules, and other design elements resulting in the open ended customizability you want and need.

6. Movedo WP Theme – We DO MOVE Your World

Best Multipurpose Wp Themes (5)

MOVEDO is not your ordinary multipurpose theme. The authors had something awesome in mind when they created it. It’s modern, it features the clean code needed for reliable performance, it’s super flexible, and it features some positively enchanting special effects.

If your designs have a certain sameness about them MOVEDO can change that. You’ll discover designing can be fun again, and to your clients you’ll be a web design rock star.

7. Pofo – A Multipurpose Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce WordPress Theme

Best Multipurpose Wp Themes (6)

Pofo is a creative multipurpose theme whose modern design makes it an excellent choice for building portfolio and blog websites, websites advertising services, and eCommerce websites. The package includes more than 150 prebuilt elements, 200+ ready award-winning demo pages and 25+ ready home pages.

Pofo’s demo data can be imported with a single click, or you can use your own demos. Pofo is SEO friendly and blazing fast.


Multipurpose themes tend to be best-sellers for a reason. They give users more than enough flexibility to build virtually any type of website with relative ease. That includes websites for unique, highly specialized businesses or services.

Most multipurpose themes, feature generous selections of ready-made, customizable templates to work with.  The same refers to those presented here, so you can accomplish precisely what you have in mind.

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