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What Should You Look For In A New Job?

There are plenty of articles out there telling you how to get a job, which job search site to use, how to brush up on your resume and how to perform well at an interview. But, what should you actually look for in a new job to ensure that you won’t leave after working out your probation period. Jobs come in all shapes and sizes, and what one firm’s idea is of a project manager will be totally different from another firm’s. If you are seeking out a new position or you are striving to scale the career ladder, you need to know what you are looking for.

You don’t want to move from your current role to something inferior. Just because the money might be better, the work may be unchallenging, you might be unfulfilled, and your new boss might be a tyrant. How can you ensure that this fate won’t befall you? Take a look at this guide to help you when looking for a new job.

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Person And Job Specifications

Every role that you are looking to apply for should have a person and job specification. These should be your first ports of call when you’ve spied a potential new job on a recruiter’s website. Read them through thoroughly. The person specification should detail every essential and desirable criteria needed to stand a chance at getting to interview. These are the qualities that you need to evidence in your letter of application. Do you have the MBA that they are looking for and have you got experience managing multi-million dollar projects? If the answer is no, move on and don’t waste your time.

When looking at the person and job specs, you can often get a feel for the tone of a place. Is it relatively informal and do they ask for someone with a sense of humor. This gives the impression that the company will be fun, dynamic and exciting to work for. Read through the job specification carefully and make sure that you can fulfill the role. If you cannot, then chances are that you will have to slog your way through an interview to get a job that will leave you feeling stressed because you are uncertain for eight hours a day.


Consider the company that you are looking to apply to and do some research. Sites like Glassdoor are great because there will be some reviews from current and ex-employees about what it is like to work there. Take the off appalling review with a pinch of salt, especially if there’s only one out of over a hundred. This could be a disgruntled employee. Read through them carefully and see if the experiences written about sound like an environment in which you would like to work.

Some companies offer employee benefits to entice the best candidates. You could find yourself with discounted cinema tickets, money off your grocery shop and a free cup of coffee every Friday. While these might appear gimmicky, it’s telling when a company is willing to invest in these sorts of schemes for their staff. It shows that they value their employees and want to reward their hard work and dedication.

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Location And Money

Don’t apply for a job two hours drive away unless you’re thinking of relocating. While the money might be a massive pay rise and the job looks perfect, a four hour commute each day can be soul destroying and you risk burnout. If you are flexible and free, and you can move anywhere in the country, location is less important. However, if you have a family, a mortgage and you love the area in which you live, place more importance on this rather than a salary increase.

I have a dream job but the commute is a nightmare – what should I do?

Go for a role that is relatively close by, with decent transport links should you need to take the train on occasion. Don’t always feel like you have to go for a role with a corporate blue chip and look into those smaller startups looking for experienced individuals. While they might not pay as well, you will have the opportunity to make your mark on a company in its amoebic stages and you can have a real impact on its growth. This can lead you to having greater levels of job satisfaction and taking on greater levels of responsibility.

When considering what to look for in a new job, salary isn’t everything. Look for those roles that engage you and get your feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Follow this guide and you will find your perfect next step on the career ladder.

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