How To Track Employee Performance Over The Phone

Your company has employees and you want to know if they’re really doing their job but not sure how, the solution is very easy – track a cell phone you gave to the worker. First, of course, find out if it’s legal (because in some countries to track a cell phone can be illegal) and then all you have to do is download track a cell phone app, install it in your worker’s phone and you will see if they’re really working or just scrolling on social media.

Track a cell phone applications are invisible, so your employees will not know if you are tracking them. Mobile trackers usually track activities on a cell phone such as text messages and calls, location, social media, internet history and many more. Usually, you receive reports with all this information.

So, basically, you just install an app on your employees’ phone and receive a report with their activities it is that easy to track a cell phone.

How can you track a cell phone and how can it be used to control employee movement?

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First, you should add a note to the job contract that employees cannot expect privacy while using your equipment, then you will have every right to track a cell phone. You will have to give your employees cell phones with already installed app. The mobile application will track almost all the activities your employees do on the phone you gave to them.

On the reports you receive from the company that tracks your employees’ activities. You will see every outgoing and ongoing call, every text message that was sent and received, the location where your employees were, etc.

All this information can be very useful if you see that your employees are wasting their time on different things and don’t complete the tasks.

Try to talk to your employees, ask why are they doing side things while being at work and warn that you will keep an eye on them. You can even show reports you received and tell them that you will track a cell phone again if it’s necessary, so they will know that you are being serious.

Don’t want to track a cell phone? Here are some alternatives

1. Track a screen on your employees’ computer.

Download and install the Hoverwatch phone tracker software so you can see every movement your workers do on their computers, basically it’s just screen recording while the computer is on, so when working hours are over and your employees leave the office, you will receive an email or you will have to log in to a private account to check a screen record.
2. Track hours on your employee’s computer.

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There are few ways to do that, if you are using some special software, tool or program that your employees use to do their tasks, you can just install hours tracker to your workers’ computer, set that you want to track only that particular software or program and you will see how many hours they spent on working on that software.

Another way is to install a simple hours tracker that counts how many hours the computer was one, however it isn’t very accurate because your employee can spend all the time on social media platforms.
3. Computer tracker.
It is actually the same to track a cell phone or to track a computer. Install a software to your workers’ computer and you will receive reports with your workers’ activity on the computer, how many emails they sent, how much time they spent on each software, tool or internet browser, etc.

The best applications to track a cell phone for Android

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Hoverwatch track a cell phone app is one of the cheapest and has many good features. It is completely invisible and tracks activities such as text messages and calls, current location, Facebook, Viber and Whatsapp tracking.

You can see messages, pictures and videos that were exchanged in conversations, front camera photo, every time your worker unlocks the screen phone takes a picture, sim card replacement, even if the sim card was taken out or changed. The Hoverwatch will still track a cell phone, phone internet history, contacts, you can see all the contacts listed on your workers’ phones, it even has a Snapchat Spy and more features. The price starts at $1.67 per month/device if paid annually.

Experience using the program.

One individual was working for a quite big company for a very long time and he never even thought that someone could every spy on him or track his working hours and tasks.

However, the company decided to use a spyware and they noticed that the worker who worked here for over 10 years, likes to spend a lot of time reading the news, browsing on the internet and even play computer games.

Every time the employee was playing or doing side things on his computer at work, his boss used to call him and ask to do something quickly or come to his office. The “coincidences” every time employee was not working and his boss “interrupted” him became very often until he realized that somehow his boss can see what he is doing and he thought that there are cameras in his office. However, after some time boss told him the truth but the idea was to encourage an employee to do his job, no one got fired or punished.


Either you are planning to track a cell phone you gave to your employee or no, it is important to know that everyone has a right to the privacy and that we should not check anyone’s private calls, messages or pictures.

It is great that technologies are improving and we have an opportunity to track our workers’ job but we also have to know where is that thin line between spying and tracking. If you want to track a cell phone you gave to your worker, you can use one of the apps mentioned above and see all the activities they do on the phones. Remember, you cannot track a cell phone which belongs to your employee, it has to be company’s property.

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