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How To Build Up Good Communication Skills

You’ve recently launched your new business and to help it continue to grow and thrive it is important to make sure that your communication skills are on point and you


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4 Tips for Making a Positive First Impression

  There are many introductions we have to make in life. It starts when we are little and attending school, every year we spend a few days getting to know


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4 Skills to Help Any Type of Relationship

When we hear the word “relationship,” most of us automatically think of a romantic connection to someone else, but in reality, we have varying types of relationships in our lives.



5 Ways to Get What You Want in Any Negotiation

Everybody wants something.If you want something all you have to do is ask for it, or rather, negotiate for it. As selfish and self-centered as that sounds, it holds true


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The Power Of Podcasts: Getting Your Business Heard Through The Noise

It is now an essential component in small businesses. Using a podcast to get the message of your business far and wide is as efficient a marketing tool as billboards,


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20+ Best songs to Listen to for Inspiration while Developing/Designing Projects (From the Design Community)

Often when I start a new project whether it be developing the code structure or designing the layout, I often need some sort of inspiration or source of motivation to