5 Ways to Get What You Want in Any Negotiation

Everybody wants something.If you want something all you have to do is ask for it, or rather, negotiate for it.

As selfish and self-centered as that sounds, it holds true in the sense that each and every day everyone is seeking out something, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it always has selfish motives behind it.

It might be to get a good grade at school or to help your child get on the team they wanted to be on, but in reality, there are so many times when we will have to negotiate for the outcome we desire.

So, how do you make sure these negotiations end in your favor?

Here are five tips to ensure you get what you want in any negotiation, but will also ensure that you aren’t the only party that is satisfied with the results.

Take the time to listen

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When most people think of negotiation, they think of lawyers from firms like Worst, Fitzgerald, & Stover Law Firm and large conference tables or some businessmen in suits arguing over a multi-million dollar deal but that’s not always where negotiations take place.

Negotiations happen every single day and in many small ways and one of the key ingredients to getting what you want in these everyday negotiations is to keep your ears open and listen.

By listening, instead of going straight to what you need or want, you open the opportunity to understand what the other party is looking to benefit as well, so you can go into the negotiation with the knowledge to help you both come out winners.

Ask the right questions

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Along with careful listening comes asking questions that help you see the other party’s point of view. As you listen and ask questions you’ll come to understand what they want or need.

Asking questions also allows you to understand when the best time is to actually ask for what you want, rather than coming in and trying to negotiate when the other party isn’t ready or open.

By asking questions you can also set the stage for negotiating and get that much closer to getting what you want.

Make sure you are ready

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Negotiation takes time and effort, so it’s a good idea to do research and study beforehand so you come to the meeting with all the information you may need.

When you come to get something you want but don’t know where to start or how to ask for it the chances of you getting your way are pretty slim.

Doing your part and making sure you are well informed will help you to be confident in what you want and show the party you are negotiating with that you are ready and prepared to receive it as well.

Go and get it

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Ask, and you shall receive.

Sometimes it really is as simple as that, so when you are really in need of something make sure you are ready to go out and get it.

If you are unsure or not sure you want to put an effort into getting it then it might be time to ask if you really wanted it in the first place.

But once you really know, just get up and go and ask.

Help other people get it too

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If you’ve got the tools now is the time to share.

Once you have gotten comfortable in negotiating and finding ways to get the things you desire, you can help others to go and get the things they want or need to.

When you genuinely want to help people and build them up it will not only help you but also make you grateful for the things you were able to get and for those who gave it and helped you as well.

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