Can Time Tracking Disrupt Employee Trust within the Company?

You successfully build your company, there comes a point when you are no longer be a person who does all the activities and take responsibilities by yourself and then you definitely have to trust the employees who you hire. This is when the term “Trust” becomes 100% important and necessary in order to continue building your company. In any case, you don’t trust enough the people who you work with then that will result in the change of people’s behavior and also yours and you will literally start interfering with all unnecessary things such as checking the status more often than you usually do and suggesting what and how they should proceed. But the point here is who would like to be controlled so much?

Of course, such kind of work environment neither brings creativity or productivity. Also, at some of the other point, every employee in the company will start losing interest in their job and will quit one day. This scenario is true with every company whose level of trust decreases with the employees. And when employees also do not trust the company’s movements, then the speed of change will also eventually decrease and therefore any enhancements in the company will be more complex to execute.

Evidently, building trust within the enterprise is surely one of the basic factors that any company needs. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that the management should ignore all the employees work productivity and letting them do activities according to their wish.

In circumstances where it becomes difficult for the company to keep an eye on the employee’s productivity, that is where a time tracker comes into the picture. This software builds a convincing bridge between the employees and the management and also complete total and complete indulgence. The software silently tracks every single employee’s activity without causing any trouble for them or reason interfering in their work. At times, have a time tracking software make the employees less trustable.

However, the below are the most common myths about employee time tracking and trust

Even though having a time tracking software may look good to the management and the company but still, there are some external factors that are stopping them from executing it. The main reason is that the company thinks that implementing a time tracking software in the office makes their employees feel less trustworthy. Often, this feeling will be strengthened just by looking at the reaction of the employees when the management send a notice to their employees that there will be a time tracking software. There is also a good chance that the employees may misunderstand this tracking software from a spy software that gathers all personal information including reading the personal emails, hacking passwords, and other confidential information.

Another frequent myth or misconception is about utilizing social networking platforms, tea break. And the other short breaks that the employees take during the day. Every employee and the company will be apprehensive that every such incident will be taken into consideration and will be punished in some of the other way.

How does a time tracker help in building trust within the company?

Choosing the right time tracking software is very important as it can strengthen the trust between the company’s management and its employees. The below are the points that will prove this statement.

  1. Treating every employee the same

Fairness Is Good Management

When you introduce time tracking software in your office it means that whatever the data the software provides will give you reasons for both rewarding the right employees as well as taking needed action against the bad employees. There will be no more gram for any allegations that some employees are treated to fairly or even the other way around. Since everyone will have the same time tracker, not being unbiased will be completely excluded.

  1. The software helps in ambiguous situations

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This time tracking software can be of a very good help in resolving controversial scenarios such as employees who are frequently failing to meet project deadline may not be fearless in fact. There could be a possible reason behind not meeting deadlines such as that the employee is overloaded with too many tasks or lacks proper training. By analyzing the data that is provided by the software, you can access the situation in a fair way.

In addition, screenshots and the captures of the webcam are also another helpful way to resolve a conflict. You might be thinking that promoting your company and business on social media networking platforms is not necessary but it is one of the useful ways to put out yourself in front of your clients and customers. But how can you be so sure that your employees are not wasting their time by chatting with their friends and family? Well, the frequent screen captures will provide you the necessary information about what they are doing.

  1. Transparent billing freelancing services

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Only for the reason of being overcharged, there are several companies who never try hiring a freelancer as they will always have doubts whether they are overpaying them. But when you have the time tracking software, it clear all your doubts about overpaid. When the software is installed on your freelancer or even remote employees laptop or computer, the software will give you necessary details that you need to know about what activity is going. The software shows exactly how much time the freelancers spent doing your project and how much time for other activities. Doing so will make your billing more accurate and precise.

However, a time tracking software can only be an advantage to a company and not a threat. It has numerous advantages that can help you in deciding what’s right and what’s not without any doubts.

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