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How To Build Up Good Communication Skills

You’ve recently launched your new business and to help it continue to grow and thrive it is important to make sure that your communication skills are on point and you can build relationships with potential customers, other businesses and staff. 

Whether you’re considering communication skills to help you through leading online team building or gaining new skills to help you land a new business contact, communication is key. Here are some tips on how you can improve your communication going forward. 

Learn To Listen

Why Good Listening Is a Critical Skill for Founders and Entrepreneurs

People want to know they are being heard. It is so important to communicate with another person that you are really hearing what they are saying, instead of letting your mind wander off and start to plan your response. The person you are talking to should be the most important to you at the moment. So give them your full focus. Don’t multitask and be firing off an email whilst having this conversation. 

Consider The Language You Use

It is perfectly acceptable to use slang and informal language when messaging and talking to your close friends but not when you’re speaking to customers or trying to impress another business to work with. Do not assume that everyone you speak with will understand any acronyms or informal words that you use. Sometimes different words can carry different meanings to different people, so to avoid being in a position where you run the risk of being misunderstood, take the time to formulate what you are saying properly. 

Communication Is Not Just The Words You Use

5 Top Entrepreneurs and Their Signature Body Language Moves

This is so important to keep in mind when having a face to face or video meeting. Your body language and facial expressions are so important. You want to keep your facial expression and body language in line and tone with the words being said. For example when discussing services or products with a customer, you want to appear open, trustworthy, friendly and inviting. So with that in mind, you want to appear open and friendly. Make sure you’re not standing there with your arms crossed or hands in pockets, have a smile on your face and maintain eye contact to show active interest in what they are discussing with you. 

Double Check All Written Communication Before Sending

Without having the ability to use tone, pace, body language and facial expressions, it is extremely important that when communicating by written channels that what you write is perceived in the correct way. So always double check. This not only ensures you’ve used correct spellings and grammar but it allows you to check that the message you are looking to convey will be received the correct way. 

Pick Up The Phone

No One Wants to Do Business Over the Phone. Here’s What You Should Do Instead

The type of message you need to convey should influence the type of communication you choose  to use. If you have a lot that needs to be communicated it may be better to pick up the phone and discuss it directly rather than using email. Also, if conveying something of a serious nature a more direct approach of communication can be vital to ensure understanding has been received. 

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