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What Enterprise Businesses Need to Know About Instagram DM Automation

If you run an enterprise business, you might provide your clients with many different services, depending on your business model. For example, maybe you help them out with their social media endeavors. Most business entities need that these days since they will fall behind their competition without a robust social media presence.

We’re going to talk about how you can provide your customers with social media DM automation and why that’s something they would want.

On What Social Media Platforms Can You Provide Your Customers DM Automation?

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DM stands for direct messaging. Direct messaging automation is:

  • A way you can save your customers some time, money, and effort
  • Something that clients increasingly want

The social media platforms for which your customers want automation will depend on which ones they use. For example, they might use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others.

Probably your clients will do some market research to determine which social media platforms their target audience uses. It’s pointless for them to have a presence on all social media platforms since particular niches or age groups use some, but not others.  

Instagram is one of the social media platforms for which business entities want DM automation more than most others. That’s because there’s a dedicated group of individuals that uses it every day, and many of them have the disposable income to purchase various services and products.

If you want to know how enterprise businesses can get started with Instagram DM automation, read on.  

Why Would Your Customers Want Instagram DM Automation?

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Imagine this scenario. You have clients who are using Instagram for marketing purposes. They post pictures of their products and services there frequently. Their pictures:

  • Are artistic and visually interesting
  • Entice their potential customers to learn more about the company and its values

Now, it’s pretty likely that some customers or would-be customers will want to reach out to that company. They’ll have questions about the services and products, and about the business itself.

They might want to know about its environmental impact or where the company stands on social issues. These things matter more than ever these days.

The would-be customer might not care so much about that. Instead, they may want to know some more basic product information.

In either case, one of the ways that a company succeeds in social media these days is through customer engagement. When someone reaches out to a business through Instagram or some other platform, you need to quickly respond to them. It’s this personal touch that helps a company’s reputation.

A Social Media DM Automation System Streamlines a Company’s Sales Process

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In this same scenario, a company has two options. They can have a whole team ready to answer customer queries or get themselves direct messaging automation.

The second option costs less. If the company purchases a DM system and sets it up, the system can automatically answer common questions a customer might have. You can program these DM systems to do that, and because most of them are AI-integrated, they can answer some common question variations as well.

If the DM system encounters an unusual question that it can’t answer, it can pass that query off to a live social media staffer or manager. If you have a huge company, you need to have way fewer people standing by if you have a DM system in place. That’s why so many businesses want to purchase these systems now.

You Can Market and Sell These Systems

That’s where you come in. You can develop an automated system through which businesses and customers can interact. You create this proprietary system and sell it to the business entities that need it.

You can either sell it to them for a one-time fee, or else you can charge them a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee. It’s potentially very profitable. You just need the skill to create the DM system, either for Instagram or other social media platforms the business wants to use for marketing purposes.

Big business might once have thought about social media as a flash in the pan. It has proven to have staying power.

People worldwide use it for things as serious as humanitarian causes, or they might use it for something as frivolous as playing games or trying on funny hat filters. Virtually all businesses have come to understand how vital it is, though, and this is just one way you can potentially make a profit from it. 

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