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Can I Sue My Landlord for Lead Poisoning?

Lead poisoning can lead to severe health complications that can amass expensive medical bills. Since a landlord has an obligation to their tenants to keep rental homes safe and livable, it is part of a landlord’s duty to keep their properties free of any toxic elements. If you believe your landlord has failed to keep your premises free of toxic metals, and that this is the cause of any serious injuries, you should contact a personal injury lawyer immediately to receive an initial consultation regarding your potential personal injury claim.

Landlord Responsibilities.

When Is a Landlord Guilty of Negligence?

All tenants are granted a warranty of habitability by their landlords, which states that landlords are fully responsible for providing tenants with a safe and livable property. While this is only one of many responsibilities of a property owner, it is perhaps one of the most important, as this warranty requires landlords to provide hot water and heat, as well as prevent any potential safety hazards.

Keeping a property free of toxic metals certainly falls within this warranty of habitability. A property that contains any toxic metals is unlivable and can result in serious injury, so a landlord is obligated to perform toxic metal testing to determine whether their property is safe enough for tenants. Any landlord who fails to perform such testing or disregards dangerous test results is liable for any serious injury caused by toxic elements that their tenants may fall victim to on the property.

Since many houses built prior to the 1980s contain lead paint, it’s important for landlords to provide their tenants with a lead paint disclosure form. If a landlord provides their tenants with this disclosure form and warns of the dangers of lead poisoning for informational purposes, they will not be held liable for any serious injuries caused by any known exposure to toxic elements. By properly informing tenants of possible dangers on the property, the tenants are responsible for the decision of whether they want to live in that rental property or not.

Lead Poisoning Injuries.

Lead poisoning can lead to a variety of serious injuries, and is typically worse for young children. Lead poisoning occurs after long-term exposure to toxic elements, so living in an apartment where the property owner fails to provide adequate living conditions for a long period of time could result in lead poisoning.

Exposure to this toxicity can result in extensive medical treatment, that will likely be quite expensive. Symptoms of lead poisoning vary within different age groups, so it’s a good idea to seek medical attention as soon as you believe something may be wrong. A blood sample can help determine your blood lead level, and from there you can take the next steps by seeking medical treatment and legal advice.

Suing Your Landlord.

If you believe you or a family member are an injury victim as the result of your landlord’s negligence to prevent lead exposure, you should contact a personal injury lawyer right away. If you are looking for a personal injury attorney in Orange County, Daniel Kim Law provides some of the best attorneys in the personal injury field. This personal injury firm will provide you with a free consultation, so be sure to contact them as soon as possible so you can begin your personal injury case within the statute of limitations.

Daniel Kim Law will guarantee you receive fair compensation in punitive damages and for the medical expenses incurred from your lead poisoning. The attorney-client relationship that Daniel Kim provides to the injured party is of the best in Orange County California. Their legal team has extensive experience and will fight until the negligent party is held fully accountable and the injury victim receives maximum compensation.

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