The Tech That’s Driving Change In The Hospitality Industry

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Pretty much every industry out there in today’s world is being changed by technology – and it’s no different for the hospitality. While there might not seem like a lot tech can do to alter the concept of getting a comfortable bed for the night, you might be surprised. The truth is that advances in technology are driving a lot of change in the hospitality industry – and we’re going to take a look at a few examples today. Let’s get started right away.

CRM software

Hospitality is about looking after people, pure and simple. So, if your restaurant or hotel isn’t using customer relationship management – CRM – software, it’s probably time to make a change. CRM systems help you organise your contacts and vital information from the same place. They also help you build better relationships with guests, both before and after their visits, and it can bring up vital info at the click of a button. Whether it’s a member of staff at the front of the house, or a domestic operative working from room to room, they can all have access to your customer’s vital info to make their experience more personal – and personable.


Booking systems

If you aren’t taking online bookings for your hospitality business, you are probably missing out. The simple truth is that online bookings are on the rise in hospitality, and you will find yourself losing potential guests to the competition if you don’t make it easy for them. There are hundreds of solutions out there, for every type and size of hospitality business. The likes of Eviivo – and others – might be a solution for smaller hospitality businesses, who might use services like AirBnB. There are more technical options, too, for large scale hotels and chains. If you aren’t investing in booking system technology now, it should be your next priority.

Social media

While social media isn’t the amazing business solution many people think, it is a great tool for hospitality businesses. It gives you a chance to make deeper connections to your customers, and show off your services and facilities in more detail. You can drum up business through competitions, and even use it as a platform to deal with customer service issues. While many business owners are worried that unhappy clients can trash their business in front of a huge audience, as long as you deal with it in the right way, you can turn a negative comment into a positive story.


Smartphone apps

Apps are becoming a huge part of the business world, and it’s no different to the hospitality industry. Some hotels have apps which allow guests to check in and out, choose a room, and even make special requests. Restaurants can use geolocation-based apps to tempt passers-by with special offers. You can even set up technology in rooms which allow guests to lock and unlock their doors with their smartphone.

Do you run a hotel or restaurant? If so, we would love to hear about how technology is changing your business. Let us know the details below.

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