3 Reasons Why Your Online Business Is Losing Customers

An online business poses a very unique and profitable business model. However, finding customers can be very tricky. Many online companies are stuck in a loop where they’re losing out on customers over and over again. Check out the three main reasons for this, so that you can avoid this problem:

Lack Of Social Media Presence

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These days, an online business has to come with a good social media presence. Social media is a huge way in which consumers will find companies and turn into customers. It’s also how your customers connect with you and seek out customer service too. If you have a poor social media presence, you can bet your bottom dollar that a customer will just find another company out there to satisfy their needs. What you need to do is be very active on all social media platforms and constantly connect with people and promote your business. This will put you in a better position to retain and gain customers, rather than losing them.

Bad Landing Pages

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5 Truly Awful Landing Pages You Won’t Believe are from Well-Known Companies

For those that don’t know, a landing page is a web page people will see when they click on a link or advert that your business puts out. Essentially, it can be the first glimpse of your website that a lot of people see. Consequently, good landing pages keep people interested in your company and entice them to buy products or stick around on your site for longer. A poor landing page does the opposite. It bores users to death, and they feel more inclined to leave the page and not become a customer. What’s more, they’ll now know never to click a link or advert on your business again. The key to a good landing page is to give people something that will interest them. Many companies have promotions on their landing pages to get people onto their site and enjoying a percentage off their order. Others have images of their best products, to try and draw consumers in. The last thing you want is a bland and boring page that’s full of text and doesn’t offer anyone anything.

Slow Product Delivery

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The hardest thing about running an online business is ensuring you find a good way to deliver your products to all your customers. It’s hard because modern day consumers are very impatient and quick to get annoyed at slow delivery times. So, if your company can’t promise well-priced, fast, deliveries, then potential customers are more likely to go elsewhere. Something you can do to combat this is to find a supply chain company to do business with. The purpose of a company like this is to help with the storing and delivering of your goods. What this means is that you can have products stored in a warehouse somewhere much further away from your headquarters, and have access to a fleet of vehicles. So, you’re in a better position to offer fast product delivery as you’ve got products stored in different parts of the country, ready to go.

Avoid all three of these issues and your business will start finding more customers instead of losing them to rival competitors!

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