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Create Great Content For Your Business Website

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Content is king, queen, and the jester. It pulls in readers, it allows people to get a feel for what you do and how you do it. Fresh content lets Google know that you are relevant and in which areas. It allows you to be valuable resources and create loyal readers. 

And when it is really good, it will encourage people to go from hot leads to buyers. So consider great content and a conversion increase tool too. 

Content is anything that you create that your website visitors interact with. So you have to make sure that you are delivering content that is valuable to them. 

Let’s unpack it:

  • Text: Much like the name suggests, anything text-based
  • Aural: This is anything that can be heard, like podcasts or music
  • Visual: Videos, infographics, and photography

What Makes Content Great?

There are a few general things that make content really great. You really want to have a good variety of visual, audio, and text. 1-2 images, depending on how long the text is. Typically under 2000 is better for the reader too. But balance is key. The fewer words you have, the fewer supporting items you will need. 

The more in-depth your content, the more value it is going to deliver. And all search sites care a lot about the user experience too. 


10 Content Marketing Goals Worth Pursuing

Every piece of content that you create should have a purpose. It should be delivering something to the intended audience. 

The best user experience will always mean high-quality, well researched, or actionable tips. You still need to pay attention to SEO. And packing your content with keywords, without thinking about the readability is a mistake. 

Here are some goals:

  • It should be well organized
  • Have all three forms of content text, audio, and visual 
  • It should be long enough to cover any topic try to push the word count away from your mind
  • There should be links to material that supports your content that could be affiliate linking to products you’re talking about, or it could be too scientific articles
  • Add quotes

Think about how much content you are putting out now. Could you Triple it? Or more?

Listen to GaryVee’s talk about creating 50-100 pieces of content per day

Idea Generation

Content Ideation Tips

There is so much content being created, it might feel like you are going to be repeating things that have already been said. 

But this is where you add your own unique spin on it. People will always be asking questions that relate to what you do or topics in your remit. So keep looking at ways that you can create that. 

It might mean you need to travel at 4am to catch a sunrise so that the image complements your content and supports the social media campaign too. 

Just remember in your haste to get the right image, truck accident law specialist, Rosenfield Injury Lawyers are the right people if you get in a pickle. 

Idea generation is something you should spend a few hours per week. And asking your audience what they need help or information on is one of the best ways to deliver the goods. Answer the public is a great tool to use if you need information on what people really want to read. 

And finally, no matter how long or short your content is, break it up into shorter, more consumable sentences. 

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