Gaming for Women? It’s Way More Common Than You Think!

A remarkable number of people believe gaming is an activity enjoyed exclusively by men. While this has been true for the industry, the future of gaming belongs to women. In part, this is because the gaming industry has reached a saturation point for much of the male demographic while the female market remains largely untapped. Console game developers, online gaming sites, and app developers are all beginning to develop games with women in mind.

Console Gaming

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Esports Sees Profit in Attracting Female Gamers

The most recent research from the Entertainment Software Association indicated that the majority of console gamers are still men. However, the number of women who are playing has been steadily growing. Another interesting finding was that the average age of female players is older than that of men. The reason for this is unclear, however, it does suggest that the console gaming demographic is changing along with the gaming industry as a whole.

Typically, women enjoy console games that have a focus on fantasy elements and that have a finite end point that allows for gaming resolution. Studies have shown that men tend to prefer those games that allow them to compete against other players and have an element of destruction woven in. Put another way, women enjoy the story and men enjoy first-person scenarios. However, analysts have theorized that if the first-person shooter style games were created with women in mind and had the elements of completion and fantasy included, women would be more likely to engage with those games.

Gaming Online

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The women who make a living gaming on Twitch

Online gaming via a laptop or desktop computer is still one of the most popular gaming methods overall. There is a vast array of gaming styles from which to choose that appeal to both men and women. In the world of online gaming, many women are introduced to the concept via social networking sites such as Facebook. These sites have games within their platform that allow women to compete against their network of friends or to assist their network with missions. For many, this is the gateway gaming experience that leads them to explore the field of online gaming.

Online casino games are another format that women tend to enjoy because of the low pressure associated with winning and the conclusion of the game being a finite experience. The NJ Online Casino, and other industry leaders, allow guests to play with no financial obligation, which makes the experience even more enjoyable for those who are new to online gaming.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) have steadily been gaining ground with female players. Most include a strong element of fantasy and they have quests or individual tasks for players to focus on. As an added bonus, it is easy to talk in real time with other players that one encounters throughout the gaming experience.

Mobile Gaming

Women Gamers 3Which games are women and girls playing?

There is a huge selection of app games available for iPhone and Android users. One of the surprising trends app developers have noticed is the majority of those interested in playing app games are women. It is possible that this is due to their lack of gaming experience and that playing a game on an app requires less to begin. It is a big commitment to purchase a gaming console or laptop for the purpose of playing one of the games available on those platforms. On the other hand, all it takes to begin playing most app games is a download from their preferred app store. Many of these games are entirely free to download and those that do have a fee associated with playing rarely exceed $5. This makes playing one of these games far less risky and intimidating.

In addition to the relative ease with which women can begin playing games is the ability to experience so many different types of games in this way. Many women report experimenting with gaming from their smart phone and then transitioning to a console or online platform once they realized how much fun they were having.

Gaming for women is often a different experience than it is for men. Women typically enjoy the community building aspects that involve team activities or a game with a storyline that captivates their imagination. As games continue to develop these themes across all platforms, more women will become gaming enthusiasts.

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