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Nailing the Perfect SMM Interview

Now more than ever, companies around the world are recognizing the value of social media marketing. The rise of social media has created a shift in the marketing industry, and more and more businesses are putting money into their social media efforts. And while social media may seem simple — (how hard is it to post a Facebook status?) — when you factor in the development of a social media strategy and the constantly evolving platforms, it does entail a full time job in order to fully capitalize on all relevant social media channels.

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This is where social media managers come in (SMM). An SMM is responsible for content marketing, building brand awareness, SEO and inbound traffic, lead development, and even customer service in many cases. The ideal SMM will be able to effectively tap into the minds of the business’s target audience and connect with them in authentic manner.

On any given day, the SMM might be creating a regular publishing schedule for the week, developing high quality content or editorial calendars, and pushing social advertisements that convert. And while the role of social media manager is fairly new (having gained momentum over the past five years), it’s popular among recent grads and young professionals. If you’re interested in an SMM position, read on to see exactly how you can nail the interview process.

Predict Interview Questions

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When it comes to nailing an interview, foresight goes a long way, and there’s no better method of achieving this than through preparation. There are plenty of online resources detailing SMM interview questions, and we recommend reading a handful, and copying the most relevant questions into a working text document. Here are a few questions you can anticipate:

  • Have you managed any online communities in the past? If so, which?
  • What social media channels would you recommend for our company?
  • What methods are best for keeping track of ROI?
  • What strategies do you have in mind to help generate leads?
  • Do you have any knowledge of SEO? How do you think it influences social media?
  • Do you know what our competitors are doing on social media?

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For preparation, you can choose to answer each question by typing it out, or by writing it by hand (which could better help you retain it). Either way, it’s important that you practice your answers, especially if you feel particularly nervous during interviews. Have a friend or family member recite the questions to you to properly roleplay the interview.

The Social Media Manager Resume

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Before you nail the interview, you have to get it. And the key to standing out among a pile of other applicants is by creating a standout resume. To start, take a look at a Resume Example Page to get a feel of how your template should look. There are hundreds of readily available resume templates online to choose from, but it’s important to pick one that aligns with the company you’re applying for. For example, you wouldn’t want a barrage of colors and graphics when applying to a corporate business, but it might be appropriate for a digital creative agency.

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Unless you’re applying for a top-level executive position, keep your resume to one page. Avoid filler content that doesn’t matter. If you’re a college graduate, your high school volunteer efforts probably don’t belong here. Furthermore, continuously tweak your resume to fit the necessary skills the job posting calls for. Again, if you are drawing a blank on what information or design structure to use and need a creativity boost there are plenty of professional resume examples online – use them for inspiration!

Do Your Homework

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Before you go into an interview, it’s crucial to be prepared. Research the company and pay particular attention to their social media efforts. Be prepared to offer suggestions for improvements in the interview, and have a solid plan for execution. Additionally, research competitors to see others are successfully running their social media channels. Competitor research is a big part of any business strategy, and coming in with thorough knowledge of their competition demonstrates your preparedness and ability to go beyond the call of duty.

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Lastly, it’s imperative that you come equipped with a list of questions for your potential employer. These questions should be unique to their organization. You can come up with questions to ask based on your research. For example, say you’re interviewing with a tech startup.

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Ask them about their methodologies, product design, and QA process. Demonstrate interest in how the company got started and where they’re headed. Avoid generic questions like, “What’s the culture like?” You can tell a lot about company culture through your research and interview.

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