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How to Protect Your Sender Reputation for Email Marketing: ZeroBounce Review

If you’re carrying out email marketing of any kind, it is important to protect your sender reputation as much as possible. Essentially your sender reputation is a score that measures how trustworthy your email address is, and Email Service Providers (ESPs) use it to filter out spam or possibly even blacklist emails that are found to be wanting.

It goes without saying that the last thing that you want is for your marketing emails to end up in a spam folder, or for them to be rejected outright and bounce. However at the same time you may not know exactly how to go about protecting your sender reputation and preventing it from decreasing.

Basically your sender reputation is calculated based on several factors, including bounce rate, unsubscribes, spam complaints, ESP reputation, and so on. To protect it, you should try to ensure your emails are delivered successfully, opened, and not flagged by complaints, spam traps, and so on.

Why Reputation Matters for Email Marketing

As you can imagine that can be very involved, but first and foremost it starts with the email list that you’re using for your marketing campaigns. Implementing a double opt-in is a good start, but ideally you should continue to check and verify the email addresses that are on your list to spot any undesirable email addresses that may bounce or affect your sender reputation in other ways.

Of course it isn’t feasible to manually check and verify email addresses, which is why you need a tool such as ZeroBounce to do so reliably.



As an email verifier, ZeroBounce is designed to check and verify email addresses to separate the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’. It uses several unique algorithms to accomplish this task, and detect entries in your email list that may have a negative impact on your sender reputation and marketing campaign as a whole.

Some of the more notable features that ZeroBounce provides will allow you to:

  • Identify invalid email addresses and remove bounces:

    Via its verification process, ZeroBounce will identify invalid email addresses that will bounce if emailed so they can be removed from your list.

  • Detect spam traps, abusive emails, catch-all domains, temporary addresses, toxic domains, and more:

    Using its algorithms, ZeroBounce can weed out some of the unwanted types of email addresses that could negatively affect your sender reputation and deliverability. While it may not catch all of them, even reducing the number of unwanted addresses by a small percentage will help quite a bit.

  • Append data to email addresses:

    For some emails ZeroBounce can append missing data such as the first and last name, age, location, gender, and so on.

In short by using ZeroBounce for Email Verification, your email marketing list should see a marked increase in deliverability. Ultimately this will help you to protect your sender reputation as well, seeing as more emails are being successfully delivered and opened, while at the same time there are fewer flags due to complaints, spam traps, and so on.

For more information about the features of ZeroBounce and its pricing, visit their official website.

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