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5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Shopify Store

Selling online has become incredibly easy and accessible to everyone thanks to platforms like Shopify that can be integrated to a blog. Shopify is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to sell online. Here are five easy ways to improve your Shopify revenues.

Start strong

5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Shopify Store 7
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Make sure you start strong and drive as much attention to your store as possible. You can reach out to bloggers, vloggers and press. A good way to promote your product is to send free samples to Instagram influencers and ask them to share their experience with their audience. To find the right influencers you can use WEBSTA, a search engine that shows you popular accounts using the hashtag you are looking for.

Get more traffic from the right people

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The only way to increase your online sales is to get more traffic to your website. Even though Shopify already comes with some SEO-friendly features, it is necessary to optimize your store for search engines. Have a look on this step-by-step guide on how to improve your ranking in search engine results. Once people find your page, it is also important to make them stay on your site. Add professional photos to your products and write great product descriptions that will turn shoppers into buyers.

Blog regularly

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It is always a good idea to connect a blog to your Shopify store as blogging is one of the most effective ways to increase your traffic on social media sites and search engines. You should come up with topics that relate to the products you are selling as well as posts specifically about your products. In order to rank effectively in search engines, every blog post should contain at least one thousand words and be interesting to your target audience. And don’t forget to share your posts on your social media platform!

Connect to Pinterest

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Every entrepreneur who sells online should be aware of Pinterest as it is a very powerful platform for eCommerce. People browse it for things they want to do or the products they can buy. Since Shopify has a partnership with Pinterest it allows you to sell all the products that are listed on your store directly on Pinterest with “buyable pins”.

Add professional software to your business

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As your business will grow over time it is important to have a management software in place that allows you to process orders and handle inventory professionally. It is essential to use an order management system for Shopify, in order to keep track of your incoming orders, necessary raw materials and finished goods, manufacturing processes and the overall business operations. This will give any small Shopify store a higher chance of long-term success.

5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Shopify Store 4
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Following these steps will help your shop grow and become more successful in the long run. But do not expect your revenues to explode overnight – growing an eCommerce business is something you constantly need to work on as there are many competing online businesses out there. But with the right work attitude, it will be possible to establish yourself and become successful.

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