Protecting Your Data During The Tech Revolution

In the last few decades, technology has advanced to give us amazing opportunities and abilities. We can grab a device from our pocket and acquire instant contact with friends, up-to-the-minute news, and our own choice of music.

This freedom has been an incredible boost in many ways. The adjustments to our stock portfolio that once required a phone call to the broker can now be made as soon as we feel the need to make them.

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How Technology and Innovation Influence Our Daily Lives

That agility–the option to take action right away in evolving conditions or when genius strikes–is changing the world. The power that is held in laptops, tablets, and phones is making it incredibly fast to capture and develop that million-dollar idea and to strike while the iron is hot. The combination of distance learning via those same devices with this light-speed technology is taking over in fields like design, finance, and medicine.

But at this breakneck pace, some things fall by the wayside. Security is the most common one. It’s so easy to build our own little revolution on a device, then watch the prisoners go back into the Bastille when someone steals it.

So while we’re out there swiping and tapping our way to health and wealth, we need to be cognizant that it’s easier than ever for our world to be invaded by the various catastrophes that can befall us. Take a little time to think about securing your digital life.

Physical Protection

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Manufacturers are proud of the lightweight, compact technology they produce, but the reality is that things needed to be bulked up after you buy them. Buying iPhones without iPhone 10 Plus cases is a recipe for cracked screens, scratched cases, and the cell phone equivalent of blunt-force trauma. Get your phone and tablet into the appropriate cases, and tote your laptop in a quality bag that protects it from impacts.

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Yes, we’ve come a long way from the original bug, a moth that invaded the Harvard Mark II computer in 1947. But there are still all kinds of physical threats that can put our devices out of service permanently, often at the expense of everything we’ve stored on them.

Local Security Steps

Protecting Your Data During The Tech Revolution 2
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Theft may be avoidable, but you can keep most thieves from getting any of your information if you just secure your devices. Without them, even a few minutes can be enough for sensitive data to be transferred to another location for later use against you.

But just having any old passcode isn’t enough. Employing tough passcodes is vital to cyber security for your device, so resist the temptation to use “1234” or “ABCD” as your means to create security. They’ll be guessed in seconds, and your data will be gone soon after.

Big-Picture Security

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Finally, no matter what case you use or how impossible your passcode is, there is still that chance that an accident wipes out your device. It gets driven over, dropped in water, or falls victim to a house fire. A lightning strike runs in on the charger and destroys its circuitry, a dog chews it up…the list goes on and on.

You can’t protect it from all those things, so you must take the next-best step and at least protect the information. The Cloud has made it possible to back up all your important files to a location far away from your device. In this way, should the laptop get left on the roof of the car and take an unceremonious leap at 70mph, you can quickly and effectively retrieve all those priceless ideas you’ve been working on.

Our devices have broken down all kinds of barriers, from the geographic to the technological. But the more dependent we become on them, the greater the potential impact of the device being damaged or stolen. Good safety steps at every point will help to head off this catastrophe and minimize the impact of a bad break.

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