Running A Mobile Business? Here Are Some Tips To Make Your Life Easier

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Lots of people select business models that keep them on the move these days. Maybe you’ve just started out as a hairdresser, and you visit clients at home? Perhaps you take specialist equipment to residential properties to clean furniture? There are a million and one different concepts that might result in you being mobile. Considering that, we wanted to offer some advice today that could make your lives easier. Believe it or not, there are lots of strategies and tools that could shorten your working day and reduce some of the strain. It’s all about thinking outside of the box and using the latest tech.

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Launch a digital booking service

Unless you want to spend all day answering your telephone and writing bookings on paper, it’s wise to create a digital system. That means you need to launch a website that allows customers and clients to check your availability. If you are free at the requested time, the system will create the booking and forward all the right information. That makes planning your working day much less hassle. Also, research shows the general public are more likely to get in touch if they don’t have to give you a call. Using the internet makes the process more convenient for everyone involved.

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Accept payments using your mobile

There are many different ways you could receive payments from clients. Firstly, you need to make sure they have the option to send the money at the time of booking. So, implement some secure payment methods on your website and give them every opportunity. However, some folks might want to pay when the job is complete. If that happens, you need a method that allows you to accept credit cards. Thankfully, there are many devices and services you could use. Most of them link to your mobile phone, and so they’re quick and reliable. You just need a decent 4G connection. Alternatively, you can connect to the customer’s WiFi.

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Buy insurance by the day

Lots of mobile business owners make the mistake of purchasing an annual insurance package. That’s fine if you plan to work every day of the year. Even so, you could save a small fortune if you bought insurance on a daily basis. That would mean you won’t pay for cover you aren’t using if you go on holiday. It will also reduce your expenditure if the work slows down for a few weeks. Once you’re established, you can look at better protection. However, most insurers will work with you to come to the best solutions. So, you just need to give them a call and explain your situation. Also, make sure you shop around. Some charge more than others for the same service.

We hope that your mobile business makes a killing during the next twelve months and that you achieve your goals. Just remember that you always need to keep your eyes peeled for advancements that could improve your chances of success. If you can’t accept credit card payments using your mobile phone, now is the time to sort that out.

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