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How Technology Has Improved Everything

It is no overstatement to say that nearly all aspects of your everyday life have been touched and improved by technology in some way. Imagine the fabulous new cures being found in the medical profession for diseases or cooking a meal quickly in a microwave without technology?! It simply would not be happening, leaving you worse off as a result.

Which specific areas have been improved by technology?

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As noted above, there are very few areas of your everyday life that technology will not have touched. Some have felt this more keenly than others. The sectors below in particular have really benefited from advances in technology:


With the popularity of mobile phones and especially smartphones, this is one sector that has been improved greatly by technological advances. Whereas before, you had to write a letter, you can now quickly text. Where you once had to find a landline phone or phone box to use, you can now use your mobile to get in touch, wherever you are. This change is simply stunning in its breadth, and applications such as Skype or FaceTime have used technology to push smartphones into newer, highly useful areas.



Technology has also seen major changes in how we entertain ourselves in our spare time. Music has gone from physically putting on a vinyl record or CD to streaming a vast choice of music from the internet. Instead of a physical record collection bought from a music store, you now have all your favourite music (and a choice of thousands more) on your phone!

This also extends to other forms of media such as gaming, TV, video streaming, and movies. All these various forms of entertainment can be accessed via the digital realm and enjoyed on your smartphone or tablet. Technology has taken our entertainment choices far away from just a few channels to choose from on a physical TV set!

Playing the lottery online

There was once a time when playing the lotto was a time-consuming process. You had to go outside in whatever weather the world had decided to throw at you and get to the shop to manually fill in the ticket and pay for it. Technology has made this process much easier and more convenient!

With the advent of the internet, you can now play the lottery online from the comfort of your own sofa. From Californians playing the superb SuperLotto and CA Super Lotto Plus Winning Numbers games to people in the UK playing the Thunderball game, it is easier than ever to get involved.

How will technology continue to improve our lives?

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Looking into the future can be tricky with such a quickly changing industry, but there are a few ways in which technology is likely to help:


More and more colleges and universities are now thinking of using technology as part of their facilities. The use of technology as a vital teaching tool has seen a steady rise from how students can submit work to teaching notes being put on the internet to view. It can also be used to attract students who can’t attend campus in person by running all-digital, distance-learning courses. These kinds of initiatives look set to be more commonplace as the technology that powers them develops.

It will make life easier

Pretty much the driving force behind all technology-related changes in our lives is that they make it easier to do things. Without technology, we would find going about our daily routine much harder and much less convenient. As technology continues to grow and we discover great solutions to problems in all areas of our lives, it will continue to make living more pleasurable.

More secure payment solutions

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An exciting new way that technology looks set to improve our lives in the future is in the financial sector. Already, payment solutions such as PayPal have made great inroads into transactions between people being quicker and more secure. New technology will only allow this to increase and happen at a greater rate. The rise of the cryptocurrency market in 2017, primarily through its poster boy Bitcoin, is just one way in which new technology continues to develop in the financial sector.

Technology has made everyone’s life better

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5 Incredible Ways Technology Is Making Life Easier

While this may seem a big statement, few people can argue that it is not true. Pretty much every facet of life has been touched and improved by technology. With many fine advances in various sectors continually in development, it is highly likely that technology will only continue to provide this function in the long term.

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