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How Are Video Slots Designed?

According to a report by Statista, virtual gambling is valued at approx. $41 billion in America alone. Casinos across the world present players with many options such as slot machines, blackjack, bingo, and lotteries. Although each of these games enjoy their copious fan following, slot machines are undoubtedly the most iconic and visually expressive of the quintessential thrill of casinos.

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Let us talk about the history and development of slot machines and the current UI and UX trends from the world of video slots. Also, we’ll cover the secret sauce that makes these games work – RNG.

The Beginning of the Slot Machines Craze

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The slot machine is by far the most popular indulgence in a casino, and it all started in the 1980s when the first computer was designed. Slot machines back then were a lot different from the modern ones with their sleek LCD screens and life-like graphics. No, the earliest video slots did not even have a movable reel! However, with time, developers worked out a way to insert paper bills as credits and set a maximum stake amount. It was also during this period that the slot machines incorporated electronic bonus features making them all the more popular among players.

The Fascinating Surge of Video Slots

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The original versions of video slot machines did not feature a moving reel, something that discouraged many players from giving it a try. Thankfully, subsequent versions came with the electronic bonus feature making video slots all the more alluring to gamblers. Video slot games found their way to households via consoles like Nintendo and Atari. It was only later with the rise of World Wide Web that online casinos were launched. Virtual video slots required actual money and not just credit bills, creating a realistic experience for ardent video slots fans. Today, there are several video slot gaming providers that have the video slots designed in their unique styles, creating a variety of gaming experiences for the real enthusiasts.

Understanding RNG

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RNG or random number generator is the technical engine of a slot machine. The RNG produces a random number every time you spin or set a bet. The RNG works in most casino games at the casino and is used to generate a unique combination of digits that would determine the outcome of the game. Now, you cannot store information on a slot machine; thus you cannot pre-program a video slot to generate the desired result. The RNG software doesn’t have any details about the number of spins or the stakes of the game. The fate of your bet is decided by a series of logical-mathematical calculations.

Once you initiate the spin, the RNG software starts spewing out a random series of whole numbers (about hundred digits per second). The number that appears when you click on the mouse determines the symbol that your reel would point towards.

Developing an Online Slot Machine

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Video slot machines are designed using the same basic framework as used to create all other kinds of video games. Developing an online casino is no easy task; often frequently, the whole team of coders is assigned to design just one aspect of the game and compile it all in the end. There are a lot of things to consider throughout the development lifecycle of the game. From the graphics to the maths behind the RNG , a video slot has a lot of elements. The team comprises of professionals including mathematicians, coders, designers and game testers. There are many types of slot games out there, for instance, video slots, bonus slots, progressive jackpot slots, and 3-reel slots.

How do Slot Machines Work?

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Video slot machines feature about five reels and are often referred to as multiple reel slots. The interface is pretty vibrant, responsive and user-friendly, and leverages an RNG for its operation. There are fifty (or in some cases 100) pay lines and a variety of symbols on the screen. Once you hit the play button, the RNG would start generating a series of random numbers rapidly. A number is selected at random the second you click on the mouse. The system then calculates your win or loss in a matter of seconds before preparing for the next spin. The prizes are automatically summed up to the balance. Other perks like free spins and bonus rounds are also taken into accord and carried out through the game system.

The Bottom Line

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Video slots have come a long way since the days of the classic pull and win slot machines, and now we have graphically enriched and unbelievable engaging video slots games that can be enjoyed on gaming consoles. Online slots work on RNG – a tested and completely impartial method of creating random outcomes, preventing any manipulation. So, now you know better than believing ridiculous rumors and myths about slot machines. Now you know that the result of every spin is not sheer dumb luck, but a complicated mathematical logarithm that consistently works under the surface.

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